It was 4 o’clock and the guys called to tell us to be home in maximum 2 hours, because the landlord will come to check the flat and to get paid.  We were still trying to puzzle out the mystery of finding Park Guell. At least, English wasn’t a barrier and the citizens were trying their best to explain how to get there. Unfortunately, some of them were very discouraging by telling us that Park Guell is in the other side of Barcelona and we should chuck in or take the metro.

We didn’t want to listen to them, because the weather was a bless, so we reached by foot the ‘final’ destination.

We kept on climbing higher and higher to get the best view and memories, because an animal/insect , which rather was a rat appeared out of the blue on my foot and I was extremely scared.

Park Guell it’s a huge garden complex,  which is around 17.18 ha and it was built in the years 1900 to 1914 by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi.









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