benefits of going to gym


As many of you have probably noticed, I became a gym freak. I never thought that I could transform into that kind of person, who keeps talking about gym or health over and over again, but here I am. I was more or less surrounded by this kind of people, so I had to start from somewhere and moreover, I don’t like to see a pretty girl without any muscles.

Firstly, I went to zumba classes because a friend of mine is the instructor.

Everything began in February, because I fell in love with the people and place, especially that was 7 minutes away from home. So, I made an unlimited membership to Fit & Sund ( ) and that’s how the fun started. I joined Body combat, which is program inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Besides these, I went to Core Attack, which is mainly for abs and trying to exercise on my own with dumbbells. Then, I mustered the courage to try Body Pump, the program for the toughest ones and I’ve sticked to it until present. So, 3-4 times per week I am eating  squats,lounges, presses and dead lifts for one hour. I hope I will be fit addicted as long as my heart beats


  • Toned body. Work hard and stretch.
  • Healthy. Once you start exercising, you change the bad habits and you research more about the topic.
  • Relaxing. YES! When I am stressed/depressed gym is the right place to get rid of the negative mood.
  • Motivational. As soon as you can see results, you will want more and more.
  • Entertaining. I consider that this is a different activity and a satisfying routine.


  • Quite pricey. But remember if you really want it, you can start exercising anywhere!
  • When summer comes, I just hate how suffocating can be to work out in the gym.
  • Long-term. Yeah, it takes time and that’s why you have to be patient and follow a healthy lifestyle.

The most important is that after you’re done with working out, you MUST eat something. The best choice is to have chicken breast or fish and vegetables in your plate. What are you waiting for?

Start moving!

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