Week 8- exhausting routine: internship, work, driving 120 km every 5 days of the week, sleep. I need a SPA day or to be spoiled.

It’s Friday and a friend is asking me to go out in the weekend, but without mentioning what he has in mind. Therefore, I refused him with no hesitation, but then he expressed his regret that I am not able to join him to a trip to Copenhagen and I had sincerely been thinking those days about going there. So, the situation made a 180 degree turn and I accepted.

It was 9 am and I was struggling to keep my eyes opened and finish the little luggage for the trip. I was packing in a crazy rush, but my friend calmed me down telling me that the other passengers are Italians, who are always late. I was finally in a eco- friendly FIAT with my friends and heading to Copenhagen. All was great, until we found out how much we have to pay, in order to pass The Great Belt Bridge : around 40 euros/ dkk. 320 for one way, so we had  thought we could swam on the way back.

It took only 3 hours to arrive in Copenhagen. We were ready to conquer the city, after having a big adventure with the driver/ the photographer, who had been driving driving without hands on the steering wheel because he had to take some photos.

Before doing that, we had to stop by the train station because my friend was going back to Italy next day and she had to get rid of her luggage. I have known how expensive is Copenhagen, because it was the third time going there, but this time it just left me with an empty wallet.  I paid 20 euros/dkk. 130 for a 24 timer ticket, which lets you use any kind of transportation and for all the zones. Luckily, the weather was so bright that we preferred to go by foot, rather than not visiting it properly and going by metro.KFC was in our way, so it worked like magic to have ‘lunch’ there. I’ve been fiending for that moment when I will be with a lot.



20140222-IMAG9218‘Oh, such a nice quote. Wait, let me take a photo of it.Oh great: No card memory inserted. Holy crap! I left it home’… so the nightmare was about to start. My ‘dear’ HTC, I will wear you out.


DSC_0739My 1st photo with a fish-eye lens. Yuppy!

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I told you I was planing an escapade with my friend. Hmm, it sounds a bit like a cliché to call it ‘escapade’, but why not, taking into consideration the ups and downs we had been through:

1.lassitude, 2.cold, 3.anger, 4.hunger, 5.satisfaction, 6.pleasure, 7.panic, 8. relax.

1.Lassitude: Let’s take it one by one.  After partying hard and coming home at 5 o’clock am because a friend’s birthday party, we were supposed to take the train from 10 in the morning, as far as I remember.  You cannot imagine what a nice jogging I made until I got to the train station. We were heading luckily to Aarhus. My bag was full of some makeup tools and food, because I didn’t have any time in the morning to prepare.

2.Cold: Welcome to Aarhus! Welcome to gloomy and windy weather.


3. Anger: Cold weather and anger made a good pact to piss us off. No good photos, no opened shops, no people on the street. How can we survive 5 more hours in this city?

4.Hunger: Where to eat? Read more

It was weekend, so my friend and I needed a reason to meet, gossip a bit and plan an escapade somewhere,anywhere. What else could have brought us together, than some pictures? Easy to decide, hard to get off the bed and go somewhere.

It was a gloomy day. I wanted to break the rules by wearing a flower-power blouse, but I could feel the wind in my bones, so I added a cosy pale blue sweater. My friend and I established to go to the seaside to see for the first time how a frozen sea looks like. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy that too much, because the wind was blowing us away, but we had a great time catching up and taking some snaps. Anca, my friend and the photographer realized that it wasn’t my good day,so we stopped because she was complaining that my mood depends a lot on the weather, so you can imagine how ridiculous I felt.

At least, my faux fur coat was soothing my cold. It’s not that warm as it seems, but it’s cosy, fluffy and dashing. I was impressed of how many people asked me from where did I buy it. Well, you will be amazed to know that I purchased it from New Yorker on sale for only 15 €/DKK 150/ 99 RON. I’m not expecting to last more than 2 winter seasons, but it’s worth the money. I made anyway a good investment for my wardrobe, and everything started with sleepless nights. I think you can make a purchase more effective, thinking how bad you need/ like that thing and if you cannot sleep during the night, than it must be yours.

I wore that necklace from Glitter for the first time and it was a Christmas gift from my best polish friend. I need to find a special ocassion to wear it once again, but in other manner.

Only– Blouse

Glitter-Silver Flowers Necklace

Cache Cache-Sweater

Tailored Trousers from my first suit

New Yorker– Faux Fur Coat

No name- Leather wedges


DSC_0659 2


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I’m not sure I am a gourmand or not, but I want to give a special treat to my stomach from time to time.  When I mention ‘special treat’ I am also referring to something healthy. It’s Sunday and I  have plenty of time ( NOT ) to try out my cooking skills. I haven’t cooked for awhile, because I live with my dad now and he’s the kitchen boss. Today, I had to do something and eat just how I please, so  I started by searching on internet different recipes.

The most attractive one  seemed to be  Pork loin with apples ( Find here the recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/roast-pork-loin-with-apples-recipe.html ), because I had all the ingredients. Then, I thought that I should push myself more and cook something that requires a bit of effort : Apple Stuffed Pork Loin ( http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/apple-stuffed-pork-loin-roast-recipe.html ) and adding some potatoes, cheese and broccoli.As an advice, you should boil the potatoes before and you will fasten all this process. All of them are now ‘sitting’ in a tray oven for 90 minutes and waiting to be swallowed up.

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I’ve finally decided to make one of the biggest steps in my life. No worries mom, you can calm down I’m not getting married.

No, fashion lovers I didn’t spend the world and have a devil of a time trying those gorgeous and sumptuous dresses at Kleinfeld. I am still working on my bank account to afford that, because it’s girls dream to lose themselves in that shop. Seriously,  guys it was so sick to find the right theme for my reinvention, the right host (wordpress.com ) and I can easily compare all this process with hunting the perfect wedding dress, even though that would take a lifetime, not only a month.

While I was having a difficult time with asking friends what theme should I choose, a new idea popped out in my mind: ‘That could be a start for a new topic’. I want my blog and my wedding dress to be alike: simple, flawless and dashing.  Haha, I know that would be really silly of me to make up my mind depending on my random blog.

Meanwhile, a well-known blogger from my homecountry found hilarious of  how desperate I was in searching for a theme, so he wrote that on Twitter, thing that I discovered after 5 days.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 16.33.53

What I really meant to say is that a bride can put weight on, destroy the wedding dress or other harmful /enjoyable actions. Same thing is also applicable to a tiny blog owner like me. I want you to love me as I am, or if I’m thinking better haters aren’t so harmful after all, because you don’t have any haters you probably aren’t all that interesting either. Though, nobody wants a mad bride, who  is complaining all the time and spreading a negative mood all over her world. My purpose is to keep the peace in the world through this blog. I’m not that powerful and whatever I/you will do, government will spend more on weapons and keeping an inmate imprisoned than on education.

Damn, how smoothly I changed the subject from wedding to war. As you can see, I’m beating the bush.

I want to brighten your day, without the risk of envying me. Maybe I will have a really nice dress, which fit all or maybe not. Perhaps the material ( aka the content ) is silky and it will easily follow your body shape.  The seam ( how the posts are in link with each other or not ) will be either very tight, or loose.

Now it’s time for the icing on the cake: the details. My dress can have some lace on, exquisite embroideries,  open back, sweep train and so on. Well, I will reveal you that by undressing my thoughts in each post. Yeah, the first one should have a lot of weight on, because the first impression matters a lot, but substance has the final word.

PS: I still didn’t find the perfect theme,  because of some technical problems, so I am opened to any suggestions.

Thank you and recover from Valentine’s hangover with a cup of coffee like I do!



Manicure done at home with Liquid Sand by Opi ( Color: Vesper )

OPIBondGirls2 037


The funny thing is that although we place so much energy and importance on our wedding day, it isn’t the biggest day of our life. The biggest day of your life is every day thereafter. Because it’s not the pledge to love someone that matters, but the act of fulfilling that pledge that is most important. In other words, it’s only just begun.”
― Laura WolfDiary of a Mad Bride