Hello, out there!

I will start by emphasizing some points regarding my activity, or rather my disappearance in this blogging world. Actually, I don’t like to call it ‘a disappearance’. I was spying and analyzing  in the shadow,  meanwhile you were thinking that I finally gave up. I haven’t neglected all these, because now I know what the outcome should be and  I’m sure that my effort would be paid off in the future. Moreover, it’s not always about the gain…it can be more about the GAME !

So, to tell you briefly:

1. I haven’t stopped and I never will. My thoughts are in a continuous movement and due to that, I am in a continuous development.

2. I have a dream, which soon will be fulfilled. Do you also have one? What are you waiting for? GO FOR IT! Change your attitude, believe in what you want,  keep dreaming and JUST DO IT! There’s nothing stopping you . You’re special and you know you can. Otherwise, you wouldn’t afford to dream. You just need to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE ( easy to say, hard to prove) , if you want to live because ‘ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ .

3. It’s after midnight and I feel over-productive. I should get some sleep, because a relaxed brain is the most efficient one.

Thank you for your attention and keep following up how I’m going to change ME and… YOU.

PS: This is my last post here, on this website. Thank you WordPress for hosting me for a while. No worries!

You will hear soon about me!