interlaken, best places to visit in switzerland

Mount Pilatus, the swiss escape

The Swiss escape or… the sweet escape

The true beauty of Switzerland stands in its nature, but also delicious chocolate, high quality watches and banks.

However, there are so many incredible places to go in Switzerland, but my boyfriend and I selected only 2:Interlaken and Mount Pilatus, because were the closest ones.

Mount Pilatus The views are spectacular because the mount towers above the region with its 2,132 meters in height and it gives and is a mountain overlooking Lucerne. Unfortunately, we didn’t make our homework and manage to get up there. We stopped on the halfway at Krienseregg and the trip costed 10 CHF per person.

Interlaken is one of the most popular towns for adventurous, hikers and energy hunters. It is located at the base of the great ALPS and surrounded by mesmerising blue lakes, but… EXPENSIVE. I don’t know why I am still surprised of this aspect. There are 120 km from Zurich and it’s easily accessible by bus,train or car, but expect traffic jam if you are travelling on weekends. The trip until you get there is also very ‘tasty’, because The Brienz Lake accompanies you on the way.

We have many other places on the list such as: Rhine Falls, Kandersteg, Grimselpass, Grindelwald, but also the French part: Vallais, Lavaux, etc.

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Taken at Mount Pilatus

lake brienz, on the way to interlaken

Yes, the colour of the lake is REAL!!!

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