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Let me tell you more about how essential is combining 2 fashion centuries to me. Matching any kind of brand or non-brand is one of the most appreciating things from a blogger. Don’t you think so? WHY? It saves money and it has an ace up its sleeve.

You know there are lots of useless stuff in your wardrobe, but you just bought a fancy pair of stilettos, which by the way I should add them on my must to buy list. In my case, it’s about a very special over-sized clutch, which rapidly batted my eyes in a second-hand shop. I mixed it with another beloved silk blouse, whichmakes me think of a spring sky and my new jeggings from H&M. The jeggings are a bit trashy, but they go so well together with my sneakers, by creating an urban comfy look.Then, I respected the texture of the clutch by wearing my irreplaceable Converse sneakers and fake leather army jacket from Orsay. I wore this outfit for a sushi lunch with my friends, which was delicious.



Adress: Thonbogade 18 DK-8700 Horsens Tel: 75 62 31 32



In fact, those things that you may consider useless are actually priceless, because you won’t have the chance to find them in other store or on someone else. So, yet ‘Oldies are goldies’.

Stay tuned! A lot of collaborations are about to come.

What I wore: Orsay fake leather jacket

H&M Jeggings

Converse leather sneakers

Primark ring

No name silk blouse, clutch

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