Why have cotton when you can have silk?

I will go back in time by posting some old photos, which reminded me of warm careless spring days. I found them in my archive and I keep starring on my skeleton-like legs. I am not missing those kind of days, because the wind was almost blowing me away. The outfit seems to be very obedient, but the skirt is short and the front double cutting is very problematical, especially when it’s windy. The blouse is much more than a beautiful dream of old spring days: it’s silk.The mustard warms perfectly the toughness of the skirt, which is rather for clubbing than to be worn daily.The big advantage are the pockets that gives a comfy look. I am almost all the time taking into consideration this detail, because I feel more secure wearing a skirt with pockets.

An appropriate look: http://www.glamthug.com/2013/02/03/silk-leather/

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