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Influencer marketing platforms

Once you have followed rigorously the steps mentioned in the other articles, you might be curious of knowing on which platforms you can exploit your work and be rewarded for that, whether it involves cash or products/ services. First of all, let’s outline that there are 2 types of collaborations: barter and paid. But which […]

Failed influencer marketing campaigns

The title says it all. Both brands and influencers have an obligation of behaving responsibly to their potential customers, but no one is perfect and mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. The internet has made distances shorter and information quicker to be accessed, therefore when these mistakes happen, the price paid often involves lawsuits, decreases in sales, […]

Successful influencer marketing campaigns

Which criterias must be met in order to consider an influencer marketing campaign successful? Do you remember the traditional 4P’s which later transformed into 7P’s – Product, Place, Price, Positioning, Process, People and Packaging? Those are old news. Now think about the 4 E’s- Engagement, Exclusivity, Emotion and Experience. Besides a high ROI, which is […]

Typical beginner influencer mistakes

If you have been reading the other posts, then CONGRATULATIONS, you are halfaway done, in what your transformation of becoming an influencer is concerned. Before falling in the trap of obtaining unreal engagement and furthermore using the ‘Follow-Unfollow strategy’, thus not being able to create a community, you would better be aware of avoiding the […]

Types of influencers on Instagram

 According to Adweek, social media influencer market set to be worth more than $10 billion by 2020 due to the existence of Celebrities, Mega, Macro, Mid-tier, Micro and Nano. But what does each type of influencer involve? To understand this better, I will list below some accounts, which have potential to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, […]


Saber quién eres-Rioja

If I was to ask you’ Do you know who you are?’, ‘What makes you special?’,would you be able to give me an answer?Neither would I. You might see me as a confident person, but in reality I have many flaws, that I am working on. Often, spending quality time involves a good company,  playing […]


My Ascona Locarno

In May, I had the privilege of spending a 3 days bloggers trip in the Italian part of Switzerland at Parkhotel Brenscino ( I will give you more details about our staying in the next post) together with incredibly talented and hard working people thanks to Ascona-Locarno tourism agency.  I will include their Instagram accounts […]


Easy Christmas baking ideas

Christmas is knocking at the door and we are all searching for easy baking ideas, so we can impress our guests, but also have fun.  Grab your friend or mother and get in the mood to start baking for Christmas, while being creative in the kitchen. Nothing can replace the scent of something baked in […]