what is special about rioja wines

If I was to ask you’ Do you know who you are?’, ‘What makes you special?’,would you be able to give me an answer?Neither would I. You might see me as a confident person, but in reality I have many flaws, that I am working on. Often, spending quality time involves a good company,  playing some pleasant music in the background and drinking responsibly a couple  glasses of wine.

And…when I fancy a good red wine, I automatically think about those vineyards handed down from generation to generation. For example, my dad’s homemade wine either the noble Rioja grapes spreaded along 54.000 hectares.

On 18 of October, I attended the wine tasting event, where I felt as if I had been teleported to one of the famous Rioja wineries. Moreover, I found more about wine ‘science’ and their amazing global campaign, called ‘Saber quién eres’ that I am also lucky to be part of.

Fernando Salamero, president, DOCa Rioja, said that the new slogan, Saber quién eres, “is a polysemic concept that defines the identity and origins of the region and the personality of those who choose us.” He added that “it is based on a statement of principles and intentions that connects Rioja wine with end consumers in an approachable, authentic and transparent manner.”

According to their website ,Rioja wines are present in more than 130 countries. 389 million bottles were sold in 2017, the equivalent of 284 million litres.

What makes Rioja wines so special?

-In Spain, Rioja is considered almost a synonymous for wine;

-La Rioja, the region itself is a fascinating  and historic region, regularly featured on luxury wine tours;

-Each wine type has a different aging requirement (for red wines, Crianzas are aged at least 2 years total (including 1 year in oak barrels; Reserva wines are aged at least 3 years total, including 1 year in barrels and Gran Reservas that have to age at least 2 years in oak casks and 2 years in the bottle)

-There is no other region where wines are stored in such quantity as Rioja;

-Most wine in the Rioja region is red (around 90% of all wine produced), the production of Rosé is minimal, whilst white wines cover for almost the remaining amount.

why rioja is so special

I received 5 bottles of wine ( Navaldar, Monte Real, Ondalán, Navas and Marqués de Murrieta Reserva-Excellens), but 2 of them were offered to the lucky person who won my giveaway !