Whether you are a small brand or an ‘influencer wanna be’, I will share the main ingredients for the secret recipe of becoming an influencer, a term that has gained throughout the steady growth over the past 5-10 years, positive and negative conotations.

Influencer Marketing Hub defined an influencer as someone who has:

  • the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.
  • a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages. The size of the following depends on the size of his/her topic of the niche.

There are 6 different types of influencers- Mega, Macro, Micro, Advocates, Referrers, and Loyalists, which will be discussed in detail in the next post.

To break this down, firstly ask yourself: Why do I want to be an influencer? Am I hungry for money? Am I creative and able to differentiate myself on the market? Can my knowledge feed others and further have a small contribution in the world? Answering to these questions, will help you understand how much time and effort is needed to become an influencer because in the end everyone can be one. What I mean is that you don’t have to be a celebrity, because it is enough to be a customer or partner.

Maybe you are none of these and you just want to keep a diary, so that you can recall all memorable events in your life or get to know yourself and your passions, but if you want to do it well, then what you need is:

  1. VEGETABLES: choose the vegetables you know how to cook and you enjoy the most, which in other words means finding your niche stick to it as long as your stomach (brain and heart) is digesting it. Health and fitness, Beauty, Travel, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, Animals, Relationships, Psychology, Interior Design are the most trendy niches.
  2. PAN: platform. Here you have 6 options: the well-known Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can obviously be on all of these platforms, but you will mostly spend your energy on the one generating more traffic.

While Instagram is the most effective social media platform for businesses and life changing tool for individuals due to the ease of usage, diversity, market penetration, but as well market penetration, Youtube attracts highly skilled experts willing to run introductory, maintenance, hashtag, contest or branding campaigns.

Besides, Tik Tok is the platform with the fastest user growth -500 million and it might just be one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence endeavours in the world. According to Oberlo, Tik Tok’s mission is to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone.

If you want to position yourself as a business-oriented influencer, then LinkedIn may well be the best choice for you. At the moment, Linkedin has over 50 million users and they aim for 3 billion users in the future, so the potential of the platform is still unexploited. Acting as a key opinion leader in your niche, it will give you the authority to analyze and promote clients on LinkedIn through influencer posts.

3. QUALITY or AUTHENTICITY call it how you want. No one wants to be you Photographers, creative directors, writers or videographers are focused on creating high quality content, rather than influencing and are often called ‘content creators‘. Choose wisely the brands you want to work with, as your audience might feel when you are promoting a product mismatching your values and beliefs and the same applies to brands looking to gain online presence through influencers. Don’t use bots or other shady methods such as buying followers, because the growth you achive is not authentic and moreover, nowadays there are tools (check this one ) to track down thesse people.

4. SPICES the hashtag game is still strong. For instance, a post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag, therefore prepare a strategy for that.

5. CONSISTENCY. Scheduling the content is both benefic for you and your audience as you gain trust for brands and their audience alike, which will maximise the potential of your influencer marketing.

6. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE/ EATERS. There are many tools, which enable you to ask questions, create opinion polls, and answer users’ comments in order to strengthen the bond with your audience.

7. ENGAGEMENT -see if your food aka content is boiling. If it’s not, then be open to rethink your recipe and take into consideration a constructive feedback. A tasty recipe requires to build a community around the message and high conversion rates, which involve the percent of people who visit your site, follow you, make a purchase or filling out a lead generation form. Also, once your food is being served or better said your post is published have straightaway that 1 hour golden rule of replying to comments, because a new content has potential to reach new people.In some cases, 30% represents the content creation and 70% is how you promote it, therefore making use of the other platforms and network will widden your audience.

8. EXPAND YOUR NETWORK & KNOWLEDGE Go to events, read blogs, e-Books, listen to Youtube videos and engage with likeminded people.

To finish your recipe, sprinkle with some editing and visuals as first impression does matter, but don’t over do it unless you are a very talented Photoshopper.

Is there a particular topic do you want me to dig into? Let me know below about what you are curious of and feel free to share your knowledge about this stubject.

what is special about rioja wines

If I was to ask you’ Do you know who you are?’, ‘What makes you special?’,would you be able to give me an answer?Neither would I. You might see me as a confident person, but in reality I have many flaws, that I am working on. Often, spending quality time involves a good company,  playing some pleasant music in the background and drinking responsibly a couple  glasses of wine.

And…when I fancy a good red wine, I automatically think about those vineyards handed down from generation to generation. For example, my dad’s homemade wine either the noble Rioja grapes spreaded along 54.000 hectares.

On 18 of October, I attended the wine tasting event, where I felt as if I had been teleported to one of the famous Rioja wineries. Moreover, I found more about wine ‘science’ and their amazing global campaign, called ‘Saber quién eres’ that I am also lucky to be part of.

Fernando Salamero, president, DOCa Rioja, said that the new slogan, Saber quién eres, “is a polysemic concept that defines the identity and origins of the region and the personality of those who choose us.” He added that “it is based on a statement of principles and intentions that connects Rioja wine with end consumers in an approachable, authentic and transparent manner.”

According to their website ,Rioja wines are present in more than 130 countries. 389 million bottles were sold in 2017, the equivalent of 284 million litres.

What makes Rioja wines so special?

-In Spain, Rioja is considered almost a synonymous for wine;

-La Rioja, the region itself is a fascinating  and historic region, regularly featured on luxury wine tours;

-Each wine type has a different aging requirement (for red wines, Crianzas are aged at least 2 years total (including 1 year in oak barrels; Reserva wines are aged at least 3 years total, including 1 year in barrels and Gran Reservas that have to age at least 2 years in oak casks and 2 years in the bottle)

-There is no other region where wines are stored in such quantity as Rioja;

-Most wine in the Rioja region is red (around 90% of all wine produced), the production of Rosé is minimal, whilst white wines cover for almost the remaining amount.

why rioja is so special

I received 5 bottles of wine ( Navaldar, Monte Real, Ondalán, Navas and Marqués de Murrieta Reserva-Excellens), but 2 of them were offered to the lucky person who won my giveaway !

visit italian part of switzerland, my ascona locarno, bloggers trip in switzerland

In May, I had the privilege of spending a 3 days bloggers trip in the Italian part of Switzerland at Parkhotel Brenscino ( I will give you more details about our staying in the next post) together with incredibly talented and hard working people thanks to Ascona-Locarno tourism agency.  I will include their Instagram accounts at the end of this post, so you can convince yourself.

We all know that Switzerland is covered in mountains and lakes but surprisingly there are regions in the Italian part of Switzerland rich in waterfalls such as Bavona Valley, at the top of the Maggia Valley.

The waterfall is a spectacular sight, rushing down an 80 meter high rock and right next to it there is a lovely picturesque village named Swiss Machu Picchu. The round hike takes about 90 minutes, without taking photos and videos, but of course you won’t resist without capturing the beauty of the nature. After a demanding hike, you must spoil your tummy with Ticinese specialties ( e.g. pizzoccheri ) at  La Froda Ristorante, right by the waterfall, a typical Ticinese grotto, which has been in operation since 1928.

visit italian part of switzerland, my ascona locarno, bloggers trip in switzerlandvisit italian part of switzerland, my ascona locarno, bloggers trip in switzerland, waterfalls in switzerland

foroglio waterfall hikewhere to eat in ascona locarno, pizzoccheri

How to get there

Starting from Locarno drive in the direction of Vallemaggia. Once you are in the Vallemaggia Valley, you can continue via Avegno- Maggia – Cevio – Bignasco to San Carlo/Val Bavona.

visit italian part of switzerland, my ascona locarno, bloggers trip in switzerlandvisit italian part of switzerland, Puntid in the Calnègia Valley, my ascona locarno, bloggers trip in switzerland




@michelleahunziker the one who invited me and to whom I am very thankful for  wakes up at 5 a.m



@christofs70  the one who took some breathtaking photos of me



what to bake for christmas

Christmas is knocking at the door and we are all searching for easy baking ideas, so we can impress our guests, but also have fun.  Grab your friend or mother and get in the mood to start baking for Christmas, while being creative in the kitchen. Nothing can replace the scent of something baked in the oven, meanwhile you are having great moments with your dear ones. I have 2 recipes for you, an easy one and one more advanced done at John Baker ltd.
This first one involves a lot of flour so the cookies can keep their shape.

You can use Christmas shaped cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the dough or DIY by drawing your desired shape on a paper.
Mix the following ingredients:

♥ 150 gr melted butter
♥ 150 gr powdersugar
♥ 3 eggs ( 2 eggs for dough, one for decorating)
♥ 2 tablespoons honey
♥ 2 teaspoons baking soda
♥ For an intense flavor you can add winter mix ( e.g the one for mulled wine) or marzipan

♥Decorating sugar, for topping, optional

♥ Sprinkles, for topping, optional

PS: first whisk white eggs with sugar, then add the yolk and the rest of them.
When the mixture is homogeneous, add 500 g flour. Before decorating, you need to put a bit of yolk on each cookie, so that the decoration doesn’t fall.

Position oven racks in the top and bottom thirds of the oven and preheat to 175°C. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.Bake until the cookies become golden brown on the bottom,  about 10 to 12 minutes and then let them cool down.

I’d love to hear in the comments: what cookie recipe do you enjoy the most during Christmas season??

christmas tree cookies recipeLast but not least, my Santa (Katarina Review Blog ) came earlier and surprised me with an Essie Advent Calendar about which I was super excited. Essie Polish is one of the best nail polishes for my long, natural nails, which comes in amazing vibrant colors.  Check my Instagram Stories every day, so you can discover what’s hidden behind the other doors.

I know it might be a bit late for this autumn photo-shooting done by Spirit of Denmark as everybody is rushing to celebrate Christmas already.  By the way, don’t you feel we are losing the Christmas spirit?

Out of habit, we have made Christmas all about presents, delicious food, parties and holidays, but it is normal. How else can we feel the spirituality of Christmas with all that background noise of war, commercialism and political corruption? Like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas is a big money maker and that’s why stores start selling Christmas decorations right after Halloween, so that the buying process will keep on going. Most people go with the flow as they are enthusiastic about the new stuff in shops, Black Friday offers because they start way too early, turning what should feel holly & out of the ordinary into a competition. We might argue that it’s never too early to be humble and holy, but are we really succeeding in that?

Black Friday is an incredible demonstration of how powerful is the market, where anything you wish is suddenly for sale and obviously you go for it, even if there is a contradiction with Thanksgiving when you pretended to be THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

I grew up with a different kind of Christmas, decorating, helping parents to cook few days ahead and passing by every neighbor’s door to sing carols in exchange for fruits, sweets or money. Where are those good gold old days?

Let me know your opinion about this matter, how could we prevent that or… my outfit.

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hotel dumbrava bacau

Tu de cate ori ai fost la Dumbrava?

Si nu, nu ma refer la nunti de poveste, botezuri colorate sau majorate rebele ci, doar sa-ti oferi clipe de relaxare, uitand de zgomotul orasului.  Toate astea au loc chiar in buricul targului, pe terasa Hotelului Dumbrava, unde poti incerca preparate delicioase intr-o atmosfera de poveste, ca in ‘Dumbrava minunata’. Am mai avut ocazia sa merg in acest loc, dar evenimentul relansarii terasei Hotelului Dumbrava, precum si sarbatorirea celor 15 ani a fost unul deosebit.

La aniversarea celor 15 ani de Dumbrava,  Managerul Hotelului Dumbrava- Dl. Silviu Nedelcu a dezvaluit bacauanilor noutatile Hotelului Dumbrava pentru a oferi o experienta de neuitat clientilor:

  • Terasa extinsa-  s-a cumparat si casa de langa hotel
  • Parcare subterana
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Zona Spa
  • Sala noua de evenimente
  • +43 camere noi

Eu una de-abia astept sa se puna in aplicare planul si sa-l testez pe pielea mea. Serviciile de inalta calitate vor atrage bacauani, precum si cei de imprejur, care aveau nevoie de asa ceva.
 Aniversare 15ani Hotel Dumbrava (C) Liviu Terinte 2016  hotel dumbrava bacau, marian bratu chef

In timp ce descopeream pasiunile bloggeritelor Nicola Anisca , Deea Hutu , Evelinne , Irina Bacaoanu, gustam din preparatele Chef-ului Marian Bratu: purcelus la protap, creveti, piept de rata si multe alte sortimente de carne pentru a fi pe gustul tuturor. Suna bine,nu? Nici nu stiu cum sa mai descriu diversele deserturi sau prezenta cramelor NoMiBo, Recas, Oprisor, Tohani, Averesti, Vincon, Dealu Mare Urlati, etc. Si acum ma gandesc la paharul de rose din piersicuta de la Cramele Recas recomandat de Somelierul Cristian Bunea.

hotel dumbrava bacau,terasa restaurant dumbrava
P204 (20MB) Aniversare 15ani Hotel Dumbrava (C) Liviu Terinte 2016


relansare terasa Dumbrava, aniversare 15 ani Dumbravahotel dumbrava bacau, restaurant dumbrava bacau


mircea dinescu vin, 10 ani de selgros bacau

Cu ocazia aniversarii celor 10 ani de Selgros Bacau,  retailer-ul european de tip Cash&Carry a oferit bacauanilor ceva diferit timp de 3 zile. Fiind un eveniment important in oras, comunitatea bloggeritelor din Bacau a fost invitata sa participe si sa imparta cu ceilalti cele petrecute.

Evenimentul a gazduit invitati speciali precum:

  • Adrian Pop, master chef10 ani de selgros bacau
  •  Sergiu Nedelea, somelier cu peste 20 ani de ani experientaSergiu nedelea somelier
  • Daniel Relenschi, pictor recunoscut la nivel international pentru unicile sale tablouri 3Dpictura 3d in romania, 10 ani de selgros bacau
  • Mircea Dinescu a lansat exclusiv pentru Selgros vinul Fifi disponibil in variantele Fifi en rose, Fifi ca zapada si Fifi capra neagra.

Totodata, echipa organizatoare si-a rasfatat clientii Selgros cu degustari de vin si alte aperitive din partea numeroaselor firme precum: Cricova, Crama Oprisor, Crama Girboiu, Cotnari, Halewood, Zarea,  Leerdammer, Castello, Ile de France camembert, Dulcetica mamei si multe altele.

Cursurile de vin sustinute de somelierul Sergiu Nedelea,  dar si spectacole gastronomie si vin cu Adi Pop, Marian Bratu & Sergiu Nedelea au incantat papilele gustative ale spectatorilor. Statuiile vii si tablourile Geaninei Ivu inspirate din folclorul romanesc au fost alte atractii ale evenimentului 10 ani de Selgros Bacau. Tiriac Auto a invitat bacauanii la un test drive ale masinilor Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, etc.

somelier, 10 ani de selgros bacau geanina ivu picturi, 10 ani de selgros bacau

Baietii de la Bar Events au dat gust evenimentului prin cocktail-uri delicioase si…creative. Pentru a ne potoli foamea, ne-am oprit la standul ‘TCE 3Brazi’, unde am degustat delicioasele lor preparate BIO ‘directe de la ferma’.

TCE 3Brazi, 10 ani de selgros bacau

10 ani de selgros bacau

10 ani aniversare selgros  DSC_1062
10 ani de selgros bacau  10 ani de selgros bacau

comunitatea bloggeritelor, 10 ani de selgros bacau

Multumiri speciale:

Irina Stănciuc- District Manager si Daniel Herciu –Șef Departament Relaţii cu clienţii

nyhavn,best places in copenhagen,student in denmark, life in denmark blog, glamthug


Every time I spell the word ‘ Copenhagen’ I think about a famous Danish song -Copenhagen girls by Christopher. Listen it here because it’s really catchy. However, I know you expected to see photos of beautiful Danish girls, but no it will be only with me and my cousin. We finally met after 2 years of not seeing each other in beautiful vibrant Copenhagen.

cousins meeting

I fall in love more and more every time I go to Copenhagen. There’s something that attracts me like a magnet. Mostly the beautiful people, events, good weather-sometimes, shops, pubs, men are part of this spell.  Otherwise, just think about specific places such as: colourful Nyhavn, crowded Strøget, Christiania, Amalienborg Palace with the park, Royal Library Garden, Islands Brygge, etc. Another place which I recently discovered and fell in love with  is Papirøen , the city’s first and only genuine street food market.  You must go there and elso enjoy having brunch somewhere. Outdoor life is everything in Copenhagen, especially on sunny days.

The easiest way to get around is by bike,  as there are over 390 kilometres of designated bike lanes.  In this way you will experience the city as a local. The capital is world famous for its biking culture and for two years running, Copenhagen has been voted the best cycle city in the World by US sustainability experts Treehugger.

copenhagen from the top, church of our saviour, what to visit in copenhagen, life in denmark blog, glamthug

view from the top copenhagen, church of our saviour, panorama view copenhagen, life in denmark blog, glamthug, lifestyle blogger denmark

DSC_0077 christianshavn, what to visit in copenhagen, life in denmark blog, glamthug

the little mermaid, what to see in copenhagen, life in denmark blog, glamthug

visit copenhagen, amelienborg palace,life in denmark blog,glamthug  nyhavn copenhagen  rosenborg palace  royal library copenhagen

streetstyle copenhagen, life in denmark, glamthug, what to visit in Copenhagen  the little mermaid copenhagen



zulu the color run, color run aarhus,color run danmark, glamthug blog,events in aarhus, photos color run denmark

zulu the color run

Zulu The Color Run was a blast as I expected. My favourite part was the party at the finish line with cool music and people. I cannot wait until The Color Run comes back and hopefully my friends will join. Unfortunately, I went there alone, but I met a cute Chinese girl.

The tour was even better than last year due to the better location, organisation and different activities.

For example,  all participants were taken by surprise with the Photo Booth where they could take pretty cool photos, body painting, Nestea bottles bathtubs and the list can go on. Additionally, the day after the event I received an email from Zulu The Color Run asking to introduce my running number, in order to check  photos of me while running. I said: ‘WOW, this technology’! and then the photos appeared.

For more photos with FULL quality check http://www.facebook.com/glamthug

That being said, København er du klar? On 12th of June The Color Run is coming to Copenhagen!

Read more

lovers in crete,what to visit in crete,chrysi island blog, paradise in crete,lifestyle blogger,photos taken with nikon d3200,glamthug blog

island in crete, chrysi island,glamthug

Throwback to 26 sept, to sun and warm days, when the paradise was under our nose…Where?

In Chrysi Island!

lovers on island,crete,nikon d3200

How to get there and for how much? Probably, these are the questions that pop up in your mind.

Well, the trip costs  35 euros/person,  but be careful on what other services you are paying for, therefore make a deep research by asking around because the travel agencies can play you.  I am sure that you would rather drink a fancy cocktail than paying more for the same thing. However, there is an option for 45 euros of having  barbecue or buffet on the boat, but don’t expect high quality food. It takes Read more

Mamma mia…Pizza…Pasta…Gelato…Moda

I am finally done with exams and I can do what I like the most: TRAVELLING. I opted for Rome this time,  due to the late summer in Denmark.  So, in less than 1 week I am going to taste the Italian flavour, but before that I want you to be aware of some essentials, when travelling.

I prefer to travel light and take strictly the necessary things with me, instead of carrying heavy luggages and being worried that I have to pay fees for extra kilos. I have a 16 years experience in travelling and along with that, I learnt few lessons:

  1. PLAN the trip. I know that being spontaneous might be the cherry on top of a trip, but sometimes it can turn into frustration, especially when you don’t know how to take advantage of it. Before getting there, establish some clear tourist attractions and research about surroundings.
  2. PACK light. You have to learn how to pack light. Decide several outfits for each day and take items that can be easily mix’n’ matched. Ah, and comfortable shoes are more than vital! I am sure you will have a consistent shopping experience, but that depends on the destination.
  3. EAT. Imagine that feeling of hunger, desperation Read more
zulu the color run, color run aarhus,color run danmark, glamthug blog,events in aarhus

greg events in denmark, what is happening in denmark,color run aarhus,color run denmark

Color Run Aarhus wasn’t my first experience with this non-toxic colored powder.  In fact, I had been through this before, but this time was twice crazier. Why crazier? In general, because of the people and the weather conditions. Yeah, living in Denmark always comes down to weather, when finding excuses or describing situations.

Since the first race in 2012, The Color Run exploded across the globe. From more than 50 events and 600,000 participants in 2012 to over 100 events and more than 1 million participants in 2014. However, I wanted to join this event, as soon as I’ve heard about it. I’ve tried to convince more people from Horsens, in order to go as a team and obtain a good discount as well. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because of different priorities and mainly the discouraging weather. When I started to have second thoughts of selling my ticked, I finally convinced a friend to join me and to run for 5 km.  Besides, worrying about parking place and arriving late, everything went great. As soon as we got there, Read more