It’s a crying shame the way how people are treated.’My mom told me:’Poverty dehumanize people‘ .It’s sad, but true and this is why we need to struggle and to appreciate every little thing.I don’t really know how things are working home but I can imagine.You’re just looking for your own purpose,aren’t you?What’s more important: to look pretty or to put a smile on someone’s face?A smile is more pretious than a pair of shoes.Most of the people from Romania have the habit to ruin your day.Here, abroad is completely different.When someone see you that you’re not in a good mood, he is trying his best to give you a lift.Also, when I lost the flight I thought that was the  baddest day of my life.Someone saw  that I was down in the mouth, so she cheered me up .I sometimes wonder why I had to face so many unfair things in life. Yet the means of fulfilling human wants are unlimited but there are other important values in life:HEALTH.

Many people are declared insane because of the stress.Nowadays are though times, when cancer is making the law in what diseases are concerned. Also, my grandmother died because of it.I must, we all must see the glass as half full.If I had caught the flight I wouldn’t have met amazing situations and people.I had recently the pleasure to meet a wonderful woman who is suffering from cancer.She is full of life and she has so many activities.For instance, she planned to organise a Christmas fair in order to raise funds for charity. It’s admirable that she still has power to enjoy life and to help others in need.

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Every cloud has a silver lining!

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