I believe that traveling widens your horizons and I am attracted to each new place, culture or experience as you can see from my posts. The life isn’t long enough to see all the world.

discover palma capital

Discover Palma capital

The capital of Palma de Mallorca is the largest city of the Balearic Island and it attracts millions of tourists, mainly from UK (Magaluf) and Germany (S'Arenal). The south part is more commercial with lively nightlife, while the north one…

Summer in late October

Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia and Spain are the European countries with a perfect beach climate even in October. This time, we risked and chose Palma de Mallorca in the wettest month- October as we were dreaming for a…
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The Swiss escape

The Swiss escape or... the sweet escape The true beauty of Switzerland stands in its nature, but also delicious chocolate, high quality watches and banks. However, there are so many incredible places to go in Switzerland, but my boyfriend…
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One of the most expensive cities

The top spot is taken by Singapore followed by Zurich and Hong Kong. To begin with, let me get this straight: Zurich IS NOT the capital of Switzerland, BUT it's the largest city in Switzerland ,and obviously, one of the most expensive cities…
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Copenhagen girls

Every time I spell the word ' Copenhagen' I think about a famous Danish song -Copenhagen girls by Christopher. Listen it here because it's really catchy. However, I know you expected to see photos of beautiful Danish girls, but no it will…

Even better than Brussels

I am not done with travelling. In fact, I will never be as long as there are unexplored places. When my parents and I decided to go to Belgium, my boyfriend asked: ' Aren't you sick of old buildings and getting lost?' You probably know…
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10 reasons to love Brussels

  It was love at first sight: Brussels and I. You will surely feel the same as me once you get there, so that's why I will enumerate 10 reasons to love Brussels. Architecture. It was hard to decide what should be the on 1st…
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Maximum adrenaline at Heide Park

Are you looking for pumping up your adrenaline? Heide Park is the right place for you, but if you are not a fan of roller coasters  then the area of over 850,000 m² is perfect to walk or cycle in. However, you will feel like a kid again! The…
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More of Berlin

  Eager to know more about my trip in Berlin? Unfortunately, the day was shorter, but warmer than we thought and we chose to go by car to some specific tourist attractions such as: Checkpoint Charlie, The Jewish Museum and Postdamer…

Experiencing Berlin

From where live to Berlin there are only 580 km and dad and I thought that would be a good excuse to escape for awhile from Denmark. The Easter break was getting closer, so we decided to embrace the adventure. It look longer to get there than…
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Chrysi Island

Throwback to 26 sept, to sun and warm days, when the paradise was under our nose...Where? In Chrysi Island! How to get there and for how much? Probably, these are the questions that pop up in your mind. Well, the trip costs  35 euros/person,…
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Spinalonga island

 There are plenty day trips  when choosing Crete. For example, we decided to go to an island off the coast of Crete, called Spinalonga. Today Spinalonga is mainly known as the Leper Island, because  it was a leper colony from 1903…