Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia and Spain are the European countries with a perfect beach climate even in October. This time, we risked and chose Palma de Mallorca in the wettest month- October as we were dreaming for a long time to visit the Balearic Island. Palma de Mallorca is the largest island in Spain and it’s full of…PALMS!

As I am unemployed, everyday feels like holiday to me (a more stressful one,though) but my boyfriend and I needed to break the distance for a while and relax in a warm place.  Summer never dies, as long as you have money and the willingness to travel. We got used to book our holidays on off season as there are numerous advantages:

-lower prices: You are able to enjoy super fine hotels and save between 30-40% on your accommodation costs. For example, we chose Java Hotel where we paid 102 euros/ night for half board instead of 150 euros during on season.  Everything met and exceeded our expectations there: friendly staff, delicious & various food,perfect location, modern furniture. The hotel is situated close by a wide promenade of 10 km to the resort of Arenal in the east.  If you don’t fancy to walk between the 2 resorts, there’s a popular mini train which runs along the promenade.

-fewer crowds

-pleasant weather

– local tourist industry still ready to please and entertain.

Along with few disadvantages :

-seniors everywhere

-few places closed

-uncertain weather

Anyway, stay tuned to discover more of the island in the next posts!


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