I got off the bed to defeat the strong sunlight and start another exhilarating day with a brunch in a snug place or even in the park.

The girls were bossy with me,even in the morning, and they forced me to try a really healthy ‘breakfast’ : banana and spinach smoothie, which was the perfect treat.  I was aware that more food will satisfy my appetite in the upcoming hours, but that smoothie was enough for the moment. We were ready. All black, all danish style.  I was the tourist, who was stopping at every 2 minutes to take photos and admire the surroundings. They were supposed to be my tourist guides, but we were all acting alike: taking photos anytime, but at least we were all heading in the right way.


We were welcomed by the Queen’s March and yeah  we’ll never be royals (royals) It don’t run in our blood. Haha!


My caprice was to go to Strøget, which is the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. I wanted to be spellbound of how many well-dressed people are there, but not such a big luck because it was Sunday. My wallet was safe enough, thanks to the closed shops, but I couldn’t avoid to enter in Zara and guess what I’ve found. Sales, sales everywhere!


My friend was searching for the perfect little dress and I was unstoppable regarding what should I try on. I’ve finally agreed upon a pair of grey jeans,one cute black dress, one sweater, one navy jacket and other trousers, which looked horrible on me.  I decided to buy only two things: the dress and the coat, after dealing with my friends’ controversy.



WHERE TO EAT? We were losing our patience, because our stomach was asking for food. I was stubborn about eating at a restaurant I had already been to but, the prices around weren’t that suitable for our budget. So, we stopped at Dalle  ( Adress: Valle Fiolstræde 3-5, 1171 København) for lunch buffet, which cost dkk 70/ around 10 euros and we had a large amount of food: from  fresh croissants to shrimps and salmon.




 Abruptly, I remembered about my friends that gave me a lift, so I called to guide them to Dalle Valle.

After that, we were carrying on our long walk to Nyhavn, in order to take the boat and go to Fisketorv.  We couldn’t manage to go until the end, because my friend wasn’t so delighted of travelling with the boat.


Remarkable pieces of vintage clothing from Dior,Channel, Bailmain, etc.



IMAG9404  20140223-IMAG9389  20140223-IMAG9402  20140223-IMAG9406  20140223-IMAG9409



At the Opera20140223-IMAG9419 20140223-IMAG9422-2


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