Week 8- exhausting routine: internship, work, driving 120 km every 5 days of the week, sleep. I need a SPA day or to be spoiled.

It’s Friday and a friend is asking me to go out in the weekend, but without mentioning what he has in mind. Therefore, I refused him with no hesitation, but then he expressed his regret that I am not able to join him to a trip to Copenhagen and I had sincerely been thinking those days about going there. So, the situation made a 180 degree turn and I accepted.

It was 9 am and I was struggling to keep my eyes opened and finish the little luggage for the trip. I was packing in a crazy rush, but my friend calmed me down telling me that the other passengers are Italians, who are always late. I was finally in a eco- friendly FIAT with my friends and heading to Copenhagen. All was great, until we found out how much we have to pay, in order to pass The Great Belt Bridge : around 40 euros/ dkk. 320 for one way, so we had  thought we could swam on the way back.

It took only 3 hours to arrive in Copenhagen. We were ready to conquer the city, after having a big adventure with the driver/ the photographer, who had been driving driving without hands on the steering wheel because he had to take some photos.

Before doing that, we had to stop by the train station because my friend was going back to Italy next day and she had to get rid of her luggage. I have known how expensive is Copenhagen, because it was the third time going there, but this time it just left me with an empty wallet.  I paid 20 euros/dkk. 130 for a 24 timer ticket, which lets you use any kind of transportation and for all the zones. Luckily, the weather was so bright that we preferred to go by foot, rather than not visiting it properly and going by metro.KFC was in our way, so it worked like magic to have ‘lunch’ there. I’ve been fiending for that moment when I will be with a lot.



20140222-IMAG9218‘Oh, such a nice quote. Wait, let me take a photo of it.Oh great: No card memory inserted. Holy crap! I left it home’… so the nightmare was about to start. My ‘dear’ HTC, I will wear you out.


DSC_0739My 1st photo with a fish-eye lens. Yuppy!

PS: I wouldn’t mind to receive  this as a birthday gift.


 ‘Beautiful’,dirty,rich…..and fat!






DSC_0776 DSC_0852


20140222-IMAG9253 20140222-IMAG9244


DSC_0720 DSC_0773 DSC_0807Oh, these maps are a blessing when you get lost.



‘Let’s go to the mall, guys. Don’t be afraid, you’re lucky… the shops are closing now.’20140222-IMAG9293

DSC_0857Taken by https://www.facebook.com/nicolo.giudice?fref=ts



How I was looking after walking for more than 8 hours… and that wasn’t the end, because my girls/ my hosts planned a ‘wild night’. We had basically a club crawl, because these cute, blonde and smart girls forgot to take the documents with them , so we were 8 people searching desperately for a nice place where we could have fun.

IMAG9315 IMAG9317

1st stop Streckers Pub og Brasserie: The adress is Frederiksberggade 1 A (Strøget), 1459 København and I recommend you to go there if you want to listen to good live music and enjoy a delicious cocktail. It’s cosy, no that expensive or noisy.

2nd stop  Zefside: The adress is Frederiksholms Kanal 4, 1220 København . Deep house music, cool people & atmosphere. In that day, I didn’t have the mood for it so we went further.

3rd stop MIAMI .  The adress is Gammeltorv 16, 1456 København. Niggas music, if I can call it like this or… my kind of music, but strange people.

That’s it. FESTAJAMOS esta noche? Where and how?

Let me know how you will celebrate the first day/night of spring.

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