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This crap called ‘danish weather’  is going crazy and I’m losing my temper. It’s basically raining with cats and dogs 🙂 . I come back from school because I had solved some problems with my Erasmus learning agreement. I thought that I will easily give up, but I was aware of that saying, which says: You can’t call it a battle unless you are struggling until the end and believe in it’ . I’ve been used to take things for granted and lose my interest for achieving something. It’s easier to pass the responsibility and let the others  do your task, but it brings a bigger fulfilment when you put a lot of effort into it.

Enough with my  philosophy. Let’s get a closer look to my outfit. The shirt was bought from London and I totally adore it. One disadvantage is that those spangles aren’t well fixed and I should sew them. I have a crush on green clothes and I’m thinking that my next swimsuit will be green ( emerald) as well.



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