I’m getting accustomed to the programme:wake up early in the morning, have a fast breakfast, go by car, by train and then get back into the London’s jungle.I was really organised this time because I highlighted on the map which way I should follow and the attractions.Of course that I couldn’t respect the whole established schedule, but at least I am glad that I’ve seen most all of them.I have now to check my agenda with what I visited yesterday, because I have too many things in my head.I stopped at Victoria and the first thing on my list was Buckingham Palace.I had to get around it and the issue was that I was wearing some new shoes, which weren’t comfortable.While I was searching for B.P, I headed to Hyde Park and Marble Arch where I also met a nice girl from Argentina.She asked me to take some photos of her and then I told her that I want my reward (to act like my personal photographer for a couple of minutes).Furthermore, I ambled in my favourite park, St.James Park together with swans, ducks, squirrels, etc. It was really pleasurable and I would love to get back there soon.

Hyde Park

St.James Park

Marble Arch

In front of Buckingham Palace

The next thing on my agenda was Westminster Abbey so I went there too.Afterwards, the following attractions were Carriage Gates,Parliament and Big Ben.The weather was fine by that time, but then it get worser.While I was on Westminster Bridge,I felt some raindrops on my skin, but I still could take photos ( beautiful ones).My friend pointed out one thing about me:I’m not shy or afraid of asking people on the street.As a tourist ( an independent one) it’s really difficult to get somewhere without any help.In addition you can call me insane or desperate, but all my photos are taken by unknown people.I don’t want to go back in Denmark and then to regret that I don’t have enough photos from U.K.

Queen Victoria Memorial

Helpful stuff for a tourist

I think I wrote enough for today because I had a very bulging day:Madame Tussauds and went to see a musical.I’m walking in London for almost 10 hours and it’s getting really exhausting.

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  1. Vasilev
    Vasilev says:

    Sper ca tu nu numesti blogu asta de fashion , pt ca tu nu ai nici o treaba cu moda , esti paralelaa! Te imbraci oribil , scrii oribil , si nu esti originala. Nu te mai da bloggeti ca ceea ce faci tu , nu se cheama postat :))

    • Glamthug
      Glamthug says:

      Evident ca nu pot fi pe placul tututor.Atata timp cat esti deschis sa critici,probabil ar trebui sa ma inveti tu ce inseamna sa fii fashion pentru ca eu,asa cum ai zis,nu am nici o treaba.O zi faina.Mi-a facut placere sa-ti citesc nemultumirile:))Nimeni nu e perfect


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