It’s not difficult at all to guess why the post is called this.I mean the title tells it’s own tale.The 19th of October:cloudy & a cultural day.Before this, I wanted very much to see the changing of guards, which is daily at 11 am.

So, I took the underground from Embankment to South Kensington(Circle or District line).I started with Victoria & Albert Museum.I know that  when you hear the word ‘museum’ the first thought that comes to mind may be ‘boring’.It wasn’t actually like this.The first hall was a little bit akward because of the sculptures.Then I moved from history to fashion.This included:The History of jewellery & Clothes.I found this section very astounding and beautiful.Also, one of the attendant was extremely helpful, friendly and informative about the goods on display.Then we exchanged contact details and hoping that we keep in touch.I have jotted down some things I have seen about jewellery and hope you enjoy sharing this experience.

Gold, in a variety of treatments, became a dominant element in jewellery from 1820s.

-By the 1910s the sinous naturalism of Art Nouveau jewellery was discreted and insted there emerged a desire for simplicity, stylisation, symmetry.

Jewellery express the character of the wearer as much as that of the designer.

Beautiful tiaras(It wasn’t allowed to take photos)

Next stop was supposed to be at Science Museum or Natural History Museum but luckily or unfortunately I got into a scrape:Harrods.Harrods is an upmarket department store located in Brompton Road and it’s quite expensive to shop there.So, I was on the wrong street with many shops but couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look .Shopping proved exhausting so I was relucant to visit museums again.Then I remembered my parents’ advice and decided to go back to see another museum.It should have been very simple to get there but I am easily able to get lost.This time was National History Museum, where I was pleased to discover an amazing arhictecture and of course, the dinosaurs.

Amazing building,isn’t it?

Last but not least, Science Museum where I enjoyed to play some games about health, brain, family,etc.It was on the second floor, which is called ‘Who I am?’.

Old Cerasela

PS:Museums are free in London( but not all of them).Beside the ones that I visited you could also see Tate Modern & Tate Britain,National Gallery,National Portrait Gallery,British Museum(I’m visiting on Monday),etc.

I’m unstoppable.

Margie prepared me a delicious dinner, which was eaten in a couple of minutes because I was starving.

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