places to see in denmark

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I’ve finally been to Vejle, or Las Vejle.  I didn’t have the need to travel to other cities when I was living in my hometown, Bacau .  Anyhow, Denmark and this kind of independence  are changing me a lot.

This time we had the purpose of finally checking the famous waves shape bulding and go shopping for a while.  I was again with my friend from Poland, who is always embracing my spontaneous and crazy ideas. We had travelled by train and we were in the middle of nowhere by the time we got there. We started to stop people on the street and ask them for directions, in order to get to those buildings and the harbour. The sun was strongly burning our skin and we were searching for places to hide. Who knew that in a couple of hours everything would turn upside down?  The weather had changed, while we were hypnotized by clothes, accessories,shoes and handsome Danish men. I needed the seventh pair of shorts, but I couldn’t find something nice, so I bought instead a swimsuit, tops, pink shorts, flats, sandals, accessories and so on. My friend and I went back home at 6 o’clock.

I really enjoyed being there and hopefully I will go one more time before moving to Lyon ( HAHA, good joke ! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I am a coward! )

Ps: I’m starting to feel more and more wistful, but all for the best!


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The damp weather and the late clock alarm forced me to take a break from London.I went to visit Eltham Palace, which is a royal residence from 14th to the 16th century.The palace is well-known for the Art-Deco design style and it was given as a gift.Many movies have been filmed there, due to its amazing big rooms.The palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden.Anyway, if you want to see Eltham Palace, you will have to buy a ticket, which is £10.20.

After that, I paid a visit to Margie’s relatives and then to Bromley South. My friend went back home, but I continued the adventure by stopping by to feed my appetite for shopping.

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I took into consideration your advice and I went to see Camden Town.If you want to go, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to go.I must have to say that I was suprised by its cultural diversity.Camden Town is known for its markets.You can find everything at a good price, but not always good quality.My eyes and my tummy were seduced by a colourful smell of food.I was following that smell and I discovered a small street with many varities of food  from Asia, Europe, etc.It’s improper to say that there were restaurants because people were standing up to eat.I think that this is also a way to consider this place as special.I wasn’t very thunderstruck of Camden Town but has something unsual, which deserves a short visit.I felt there a huge freedom to express your personal feelings without being judged.

Why I didn’t buy it?It’s such a shame…

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It’s not difficult at all to guess why the post is called this.I mean the title tells it’s own tale.The 19th of October:cloudy & a cultural day.Before this, I wanted very much to see the changing of guards, which is daily at 11 am.

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First day:Oxford street

I lost sight of writing on blog and I should be ashamed but it’s all about the time element.I woke up early( at 7:00 am) on Tuesday and getting prepared for a new adventure: Oxford street.It was actually the second time in London because I went also  on Monday with my friend to get familiar with this jammed city.My mom’s friend, Margie wanted to make certain that I won’t get lost and I can easy find the way back home, which later was far from her dreams.

Let’s start from the beginning.My friend lives in zone 5, so I have to go by train in order to arrive at Victoria Station or wherever I want to.Before all the times when I have to get in the train, I ask several people if I’m going in the right way or either not.It doesn’t matter for my wallet if I take the wrong train or bus because I made a great deal with the Oyster Card.I advise you to get one if you are in London because you save money.I got one for 7 days and I can go by whichever way of transport just for 50 pounds.It may sound expensive but actually it isn’t.

You know how dizzy I am so when I arrived on Oxford Street I didn’t know from where to start.What does Oh-xford Street mean to me? Oh-xford Street…?Richness, traffic jam, well-dressed women, businessmen with brand-new suits and shops with short sales.My mom wasn’t very proud hearing that I went to ‘visit’ shops shortly after I arrived, but it was a worthy experience.My wallet cried out in pain, but at least I had bought nice & special stuffs.I had enough of Oxford and Regent Street(even that it wasn’t on my busy schedule) because I was so dizzy that it but I was for 2 or 3 times in some shops or places.I was really exhausted but I wanted to shop till I dropso I did like this.I must have to say that I was somehow disappointed of Topshop, because I couldn’t find anything special and also with a good price.

Madness at Topshop

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Ieri a fost ziua cea mult asteptata de mine,ziua in care am facut un pub crawl impreuna cu grupa din Rus Week.Cu ocazia asta am facut cunostinta si cu modul danezilor de a petrece.Care ar fi? Pai,inainte de a merge in club,mergi in pub-urile unde gasesti berea la un pret bun(desi chiar si acolo e scumpa 20-30 lei)si apoi  in supermarket-uri pentru ca ‘it’s never enough’.La ‘Crazy Daisy ‘am remarcat un mod de a petrece total diferit fata de cel din Romania,cu extrem de multa bere,galagie,muzica diversa(chiar faina) si dans pe mese.Am avut din nou placerea sa cunosc studenti din toate colturile lumii cu care am schimbat 2-3 vorbe pentru ca mai mult nu se putea din cauza zgomotului. A fost un haos total,dar placut si  cel mai important e ca m-am distrat.Partea mai putin fericita a fost ca a trebuit sa merg singura pana acasa la ora 4 noaptea si ca m-a prins ploaia.Mi se spunea mie ca la frigul de aici nu iti vine sa faci parada modei,dar pana nu m-am convins ,nu m-am linstit.Daca tot am zis ca e seara de club,trebuia sa ma imbrac mai altfel,nu prea pretentios,dar nici prea simplu…Asa ca, o bluza,o geaca de piele,o fusta gri,niste cercei adorabili si balerini negri mi-au facut seara,desi am suportat cu greu vantul rece.

Altii cu berea,eu cu breezerul de pineapple.

Atmosfera de club(perfecta poza asta pentru un wallpaper)

Dimineata,am fost sa fac cumparaturi ca sa umplu frigiderul,doar ca am dat peste magazinul H&M si mi-am cam cheltuit banii pentru mancare ,care ii aveam cu mine.Nu imi pare rau deloc pentru ca mi-am luat o fusta mai ciudatica(imitatie de piele,destul de groasa),o rochita inflorata si o camasa.