First day:Oxford street

I lost sight of writing on blog and I should be ashamed but it’s all about the time element.I woke up early( at 7:00 am) on Tuesday and getting prepared for a new adventure: Oxford street.It was actually the second time in London because I went also  on Monday with my friend to get familiar with this jammed city.My mom’s friend, Margie wanted to make certain that I won’t get lost and I can easy find the way back home, which later was far from her dreams.

Let’s start from the beginning.My friend lives in zone 5, so I have to go by train in order to arrive at Victoria Station or wherever I want to.Before all the times when I have to get in the train, I ask several people if I’m going in the right way or either not.It doesn’t matter for my wallet if I take the wrong train or bus because I made a great deal with the Oyster Card.I advise you to get one if you are in London because you save money.I got one for 7 days and I can go by whichever way of transport just for 50 pounds.It may sound expensive but actually it isn’t.

You know how dizzy I am so when I arrived on Oxford Street I didn’t know from where to start.What does Oh-xford Street mean to me? Oh-xford Street…?Richness, traffic jam, well-dressed women, businessmen with brand-new suits and shops with short sales.My mom wasn’t very proud hearing that I went to ‘visit’ shops shortly after I arrived, but it was a worthy experience.My wallet cried out in pain, but at least I had bought nice & special stuffs.I had enough of Oxford and Regent Street(even that it wasn’t on my busy schedule) because I was so dizzy that it but I was for 2 or 3 times in some shops or places.I was really exhausted but I wanted to shop till I dropso I did like this.I must have to say that I was somehow disappointed of Topshop, because I couldn’t find anything special and also with a good price.

Madness at Topshop

Trafalgar Square

Let’s call that a lunch

Yeeeey…rebel style

I was a little bit luckless because of two problems.In fact, the first one involves some lost shopping bags,but it’s good that I sorted it out.I figured about their missing when I was going back to Victoria Station.I didn’t know what to do, I was too dead beat to think clearly, but then I remembered that in those bags I had the preffered clothes(a blue dress and some unusual leggings from River Island).I decided to go back as well and I checked if there were at Primark.I asked the shop assistants but they had advised me to go to the ”Customer Service’.It was 9 pm and I was running like crazy, snaking and so on.When I got to the ‘Customer Service’ a lady asked me how she can help me and then I had to give her details about my problem:’How does your bag look like?’, ‘What it was inside?’ , etc.She checked and then we she entered on the door she was with my bag in her hands.I was extremely happy and I told her that Primark staff is the best one I have ever met in my life.I’m still asking myself how they found my bag because the shop is really huge.It was almost 10 o’clock and my friend was very worried for me so I had to give her a call( I asked someone on the street) to tell her that I’m fine and I will immediately arrive home.I didn’t care at all what time it was and where I was going because I had that shopping bag and that made my day.I took the train from Victoria to East Croydon then the bus.The second problem is that I picked the right one but after that  I forgot where I have to stop and I went to the wrong station, which was further.A man helped me to get back and explained me to get another bus but I couldn’t   make it because I was probably too tired to listen him.I had to call Margie from a shop and to beg her to pick me up because it was very dark outside and also dangerous.Margie is a great hoast because she expected me with     delicious dinner and she thought that I was extremely hungry even if I had eaten at Mc Donalds.

Look what I’ve bought.It couldn’t get better than this…Hope you like them!

 I have to go to bed now because I’m visiting Madame Tussauds tomorrow and going to theatre, so I must have a good night’s rest.xOxO

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