I am addicted to how I dress like, even though I don’t spend the world on expensive clothes. I like to wear what makes me confident, beautiful and what emphasizes my body shape.


Step by step inquiries

We travelled on the DLR to Greenwich.Walked through the old town and came to the dock to see the Cutty Sark, which is a Tea Clipper boat of mid 1800 centuries .The fastest boat from China to England.We declined the boat trip because of the extreme foggy weather.We took the DLR again to Bank, which is in the City of London.I was aware of the business life of the working in London.I watched the elegance of the office workers, carrying a coffee, checking their smartphones or reading newspaper.Everyone appeared well-dressed, busy and in a rush.That hustle made us drowsy so we stopped to have a drink.We were in a desperate need of coffee and right on the corner it was Costa.It was a very enjoyable atmosphere and my cappuccino tasted more than perfect.The coffee was the right thing for that moment because it refulled our energy.

The next attraction was St.Paul Cathedral, where is the seat of the bishop of London.Prince Charles,Prince of Wales got married to Lady Diana Frances Spencer there.

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M.Tussauds & Musical

You should appreciate that right after no more and no less 10 hours of walking in London I still keep doing my job:posting.It was an unforgettable day.I can’t find the right words to describe it and if you keep reading you will find out why. My ticket for Madame Tussauds available beginning with 9:30 am so I had to be there within my half hour time slot on the day that I selected.Everything was fine and I was proud that I was on time and I didn’t have to queue .It was written on the online booking that I must bring  my payment card, but I forgot with which card I paid so I took the wrong one.The assistant was very nice and indulgent to me, maybe also because of my pleasant presence.

In the first room, I was welcomed by many celebrities who were at a party.Brangelina, Julia Roberts(one of my fav), Cheryl Cole, Bollywood actors(Shah Rukh Khan), LeonardoDiCaprio, etc.In the next room, I saw the King of Pop, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera(very short), ABBA and last but not the least, Justin Bieber. Another catchy thing was the ‘Scream House’, which really gave me willies.It was dark and creepy people surrounded you and started to yell or to touch you.I’ve just thought of that song of Pussycat Dolls ‘Scream’, because I was screaming on the top of my lungs.I have also seen the process of making wax figures.Right after that I put my 3D glasses, in order to watch a movie about superheros(Hulk, Batman, Superman) that were trying to save London.I was also introduced into the old atmosphere of London by walking in an old cab.


 Put a ring on it!

Look at me,darling!

Who should I choose?Who deserves my love?

Don’t worry Obama!We will get this done

He is from my country!

I am crazy and I know it!

I had to meet my friend in the afternoon because she bought ticket for the musical:’Dreamboats and Petticoats.The meeting place was at Charring Cross and then we walked nearby(The Embankment). It was the first time when I had the opportunity to see a live musical. I don’t know if you believe me, but I was almost bursting into tears.I had some tears pouring down my face, due to that beautiful real dream of being there.Dreamboats and Petticoats is a jukebox musical based on popular songs from the fifties and early sixties. I had a jolly time and I could say that it was one of the best day of my life.I’m not able to choose which day in London was the most captivating, because each one had something special.

Whyndhams Theatre, where the musical took place

Tickled PINK!

I have more photos, but probably I will upload them on Facebook or in the next post.Thank you for understanding!

Purple rain

If you were worried about how I arrived in G.B I would say that it was fine, even if I had some adventures.I will tell you more about it later.Yeah I know it’s already Wednesday, but above all things it was weekend.I went to Aarhus with some friends because they know that there is worthy nightlife.

Firstly, we went to campus, where was a party.It was supposed to be a fabulous party as it was written on the ticket but  it turned out to be a messy one and a lot of strangers.Shortly afterwards, we decided to go downtown to a club.I was really excited to go there.When we had go inside,I remembered that I forgot my documents in the car, which was parked in the campus.Completely out of the blue,things took a turn for the worse. Read more

Confidence for sale

Confidence isn’t for sale and as my mom says: ‘You have to believe in yourself that you are smart, beautiful and capable’.

However, this is Thursday’s look for Crazy Daisy night.I was wearing a denim blouse, leather olive green skirt,brown leggings and warm boots.There are many ways to mix & match a denim blouse, but I think it’s too common to wear it with jeans, so I tried to mix it with this skirt.Hope you like it!

A walk in the park

As you know leather jackets are a must have fall trend and mine has been bought from Turkey.One of my favourite color is blue(turquoise, navy blue, etc.) because it suits me and has many meanings:inspiration, sincerity, youth, confidence.I was wearing also a warm white sweater because it was very cold outside, a pair of jeans, a huge necklace and some comfortable boots.Yesterday was the last day for my parents in Denmark so they begged me to go downtown and in the park.

Funny pic…I was preparing to take off my eyeglasses or smth

Same day, different outfit.I was wearing a silver skirt, light pink blouse, denim jacket, black leather shoes and a statement necklace.I have to mention that this look was a bad choice because it was very cold outside so that is why I don’t look very happy.I have to make sacrifices in order to look chic.

Hope you like it!

Magenta jeans

As I told you before,I had great fun enjoying the last photo shoot.The photographer choose initially an abandoned factory but then he changed his mind and picked another place.He decided to meet at 7pm in order to go to railway station.I’ve started with two hours earlier, because I had to prepare two outfits and to put my make-up on.For the first look, I wore a black and white blazer, light pink blouse(Bershka), high waist jeans(Zara), black leather shoes, H&M bracelets and statement gold necklace.


 To be continued…

My chick bad


Pentru viitorul apropiat v-am pregatit mici surprize:poze noi cu mine de la un photo shooting(deja probabil sunteti satuli de asta, dar acum e altceva)+ poze cu orasul si, mai mult de atat, cu outfiturile localnicilor.Incep sa o fac pe paparazzi-ul, dar ar fi fost mai de folos daca aveam camera foto performanta.Titlul postului l-am ales din cauza sau datorita melodiei lui Nicki Minaj si,mai ales tinutei de Joi pentru ‘Crazy Daisy’:un sacouas bej nou achizitionat dintr-un SH, care imi este foarte drag,un tricou Zara,pantaloni scurti de la Pull & bear de care nu ma pot desparti nici cum de ei si cizme bej de piele.Pe langa toate astea, bineinteles ca aveam pe mine si o geaca groasa + Read more



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Incep sa imi pierd rabdarea incetul cu incetul.Diferite persoane(prieteni sau nu) aceleasi intrebari,acelasi subiect:Cum e in Danemarca?

Probabil ar trebui sa scriu in Word toata povestea mea de aici si impresiile,iar apoi sa dau copy paste, dar mi se pare mult prea neprietenos.Asta este unul din motivele pentru care detin acest blog sau mai degraba pagina virtuala de jurnal.Nu exista zi in care sa nu se iveasca vreo persoana curioasa care sa incerce sa ma traga de limba.Acum m-am obisnuit:trantesc 2-3 vorbe live, iar apoi dau site-ul blog-ului, in caz ca se doresc mai multe informatii.Si mai multe probleme intampin cand vorbesc cu parintii.Daca ii zic ceva tatalui, el nu poate transmite informatia mai departe catre mama sau alt membru al familiei, din motive de egoism probabil.Glumesc!Imi e prea aiurea sa discut despre ceva,inchei conversatia, iar apoi dupa jumatate de ora revenim la acelasi Read more


Stripes & vibes

Hmm ce inceput bun:cand eram pe punctul de a publica articolul, am ramas fara baterie si s-a dus totul pe apa sambetei(azi e chiar sambata).Am descoperit recent un nou gen de muzica, stiam de el, dar nu prea il agream.E vorba despre deep house.De obicei, eu cand aud  house, nu fac distinctia ca e electro, techno, trance,tech-house sau alte bubuieli.E doar house si nu imi place, dar acum iubesc melodiile de la Finnebassen precum ‘When doves cry’ , ‘Touching me’ , ‘If your girl only knew’, ‘Such a high’.Vrei dimineata/seara linistita, atunci asculta melodii de genul pentru ca nu ai cum sa te saturi de ele.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvpkGJT0sNU&w=560&h=315]

Saptamana asta am observat ca pot avea KFC la mine acasa.Cum?Am cumparat o punga de crispy wings de la Bilka(supermarket), apoi le-am pus la cuptor si au iesit super bune, dar cam picante pentru gustul meu.Ca si garnitura, am facut un pilaf cu tot felul de legume(morcovi, ardei, ceapa, ciuperci, porumb) pentru ca nu am vrut sa aiba acelasi gust nesatanos, ca la un Smart Box. De asemenea, am experimentat o reteta gandita de mine pentru paste:sos de rosii, bacon, ciuperci, porumb, usturoi.


Cand e Thursday,e regula ca e Crazy Daisy.Tocmai de aceea, scoala e cam goala sau in cel mai bun caz  elevii sunt prezenti doar de forma.It’s a little bit reckless to do that, especially when you have to present a project.

This was my outfit for Thursday night.Iubesc accesoriile astea, dar din pacate am cam ramas fara cercei.Am ramas cu perechea portocalie, dar pe albastru erau preferatii mei.Am incercat sa-mi fac si ceva la par urmarind un tutorial de pe Youtube de la lilithedarkmoon ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_BtJxi_XKQ&list=UUeRF3k69cJnxB87lwk9KbrA&index=119&feature=plcp ).E foarte priceputa, doar ca eu n-am dat dovada de prea multa rabdare si nu a iesit exact cum imi doream.Cam atat pentru azi, deoarece vreau sa ma apuc de facut o prezentare in Ppt pentru scoala and other stuffs.



Siempre me quedara

Cu pasi repezi a venit si weekendul.Ma gandesc de cateva zile bune sa incetez sa scriu in romana, pentru ca am urmarit vizualizarile si am remarcat ca jumatatea vizulizarilor provin din alte tari.Bineinteles,pentru asta trebuie sa imi fac si timp.Joi,am fost cu gasca in ‘Crazy Daisy’ la ‘White Thursday si pot spune ca a fost cea mai distractiva noapte de pana acum.Partea proasta era ca ziua urmatoare aveam cursuri la care am vrut, cu tot dinadinsul, sa fiu prezenta, si mi-am respectat dorinta cu toate ca am lipsit primele 2 ore.

Vineri am petrecut  la Viking ( unul din cele mai faine cluburi de pe aici) si acasa la niste prieteni.A fost o zi cam cu ghinion pentru ca mi s-a stricat telefonul, iar eu sunt total dependenta de el.

Incep sa realizez ca distractia,shoppingul si altele necesita bani,asa ca de luni o sa merg la o agentie pentru a ma angaja.O sa vad daca pot tine pasul cu scoala si job-ul, deoarece nu mi se pare usor sa le impaci pe amandoua.

O zi frumoasa, tuturor!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdQ0kueR2DU&w=420&h=315]





Happy day.Happy meal!

Mda stiu am cam lasat-o balta cu blogul zilele astea(shame on me),dar parca aceea agitatie  din noua mea felie de viata a inceput sa se amplifice.Cursuri,proiecte,petreceri,cumparaturi,gatit…cam in asta consta viata unui student.Azi am avut 4 ore(2 cursuri,asa e in fiecare zi,in afara de o zi in care avem liber).Economia nu prea imi surade (desi la liceu mi-a placut) pentru ca nici profesorul nu prea est capabil sa ne  explice asa cum trebuie si pentru ca mai mereu incepe la 8:20,cand suntem cu totii cam adormiti.Cursul de Organisation & Management pare sa fie mai atractiv,interactiv pentru ca lucram in grupe si profesorul stie cum sa ne capteze atentia.De exemplu, azi am vazut filmuletul acesta:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmwwrGV_aiE&w=560&h=315]




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