We travelled on the DLR to Greenwich.Walked through the old town and came to the dock to see the Cutty Sark, which is a Tea Clipper boat of mid 1800 centuries .The fastest boat from China to England.We declined the boat trip because of the extreme foggy weather.We took the DLR again to Bank, which is in the City of London.I was aware of the business life of the working in London.I watched the elegance of the office workers, carrying a coffee, checking their smartphones or reading newspaper.Everyone appeared well-dressed, busy and in a rush.That hustle made us drowsy so we stopped to have a drink.We were in a desperate need of coffee and right on the corner it was Costa.It was a very enjoyable atmosphere and my cappuccino tasted more than perfect.The coffee was the right thing for that moment because it refulled our energy.

The next attraction was St.Paul Cathedral, where is the seat of the bishop of London.Prince Charles,Prince of Wales got married to Lady Diana Frances Spencer there.

I feel so small in such a big world…

Then, we wanted to go on Millenium Bridge but unfortunately it was so closed.No worries because we went on Blackfriars Bridge in order to visit Tate Modern, which is a modern art gallery.The first room was huge and there were people meditating.

My fav.Lee Krasner:Gothic landscape

I was wearing a green olive skirt, denim blouse, necklace,dark  brown tights, brown boots and a big bag to put everything inside.Oh yeah and I forgot to say about the raincoat, which is a must-have in London.

Chelsea Bridge.I thought that it would be my last time of seeing this bridge, but I was wrong .


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