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When I started going to the gym I had no idea how much that will last, but here I am after 1 year of gym still committed to getting fit. You know what they say? ‘Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat on it and expect to work it.’ I follow the same principle.

Time flew by so fast,I can’t even believe it, although my body transformation in over more than 365 days shows visible results. I never had problems with feeling good in my own skin, even when I weighted 65 kg( I am 1,81 tall), but being aware of a healthier lifestyle encouraged me more to continue and inspire others. There will always be haters, who think you are talking too much about this subject, but keep on going, because later the results will speak from themselves.
When my friends  complain of how stressed they are, I ask ‘Why don’t you come and train with me?’ In fact, all I want to hear is their refusal, because exercising with a friend is nothing more than useless, unless you reach those #friendshipgoals.

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However, taking control and responsibility for weight loss, muscular gain and eating habits are crucial factors both in reaching your goals and maintaining them. You have to do a lot of research about it or just bother your role models for pieces of advice. You MUST go there with the lesson learnt, no matter what. There were several persons  who taught me that working out with free weights is way better than with machines and many other tips regarding how many sets and reps I should do. As well,  vary the routine to keep you on moving forward.

I changed 3 gyms ( 2 in Denmark- Fit og Sund and now Fitness World and 1 in Romania- Moving Express) during 1 year, because of some circumstances when I also had discovered that is uncool, because you get used to the space, people and machines in the previous one. It is hard to familiarize with all of these, but things become easier when you have someone to disturb (my boyfriend).


My workout plan is:

Monday chest and arms 10-8-8-6

Wednesday legs. I am currently doing squats and lunges with 30 kg. 3 sets of 6 reps

Friday shoulders and back 10-8-8-6

Sunday legs. Most probably I will cut it from my list, because my body feels exhausted.

Mistakes exist to be made, but don’t end up like the following guys. We can’t always do things perfectly right from the starting point , so it takes time to find out exactly what works for you, because everyone’s organism  is different. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

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How do you know you exercised enough for that day? Well, my answer is: Sweat! No, it’s not gross!


Sometimes you find yourself in the situation where you lift more than the guys around you, but that’s ok, it makes you feel so powerful.


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