If you have been reading the other posts, then CONGRATULATIONS, you are halfaway done, in what your transformation of becoming an influencer is concerned. Before falling in the trap of obtaining unreal engagement and furthermore using the ‘Follow-Unfollow strategy’, thus not being able to create a community, you would better be aware of avoiding the following mistakes:

  1. The gravest error is buying likes and followers. There are 2 types of fake followers: in the first category, there is the follower who accepted to be on a Fake Follower list in exchange for a sum of money, but who will never have a look on your content. The second category are bots, who are actually a piece of code pretending to be a follower and according to their algorithm they have been programmed to do- some bots they engage, but that involves automated, often nonsense comments. Besides that bots are banned by Instagram, I guess you hate talking to walls in real life , so what is the meaning of having such followers when they aren’t social? To work properly, the bot would need to use machine learning and deep learning algorithms. While machine learning algorithms allow the bot to recognize text patterns, like captions and direct messages, deep learning — a form of machine learning — would allow it to analyze objects in photos and videos. This could allow the bot to comment appropriately on photos, or surf the web for photos that it could post.  -click on the paragraph to read more about an experiment too.

Depending on your number of followers, there is a certain percentage of engagement and buying power expected from brands, but if you have fake followers, then the numbers will differ as they drag down your engagement. I know that spotting profiles with over 10K on Instagram with poor quality content is getting on your nerves, but trust me : you don’t lose anything! They might attract a brand once or twice, but they will never manage to get long-term collaborations and build a real community.

Trick: If you want to be responsive on Instagram, then by clicking the Life Saver tip that I found out the other days by using the ‘ Quick Reply’ option. It works like charm for attracting potential followers.

You can apply almost the same trick on Facebook, but for people who write you a message.

  1. Organic or paid reach: We all aim to have an organic reach, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work and it’s time consuming. Sponsored posts are done through the ads system, which gives you more range, cross-platform reach if you choose, and targeting capabilities, and you still can add an actionable button and a URL. The most effective ads are the ones of Instagram accounts on the Facebook platform. They make sense when you have something to sell, otherwise they have a pitfall too: once you start investing in sponsored posts, Instagram will make less and less the others visible, so you decide to add more money with the hope of higher reach.
  1. Unoriginality :taking credits for something you didn’t even think of, while some content creators are squeezing their brains out to find something unique might hit you very hard in the end, because the way I perceive Instagram is that it relies on empowerment!
  2. Too much edit : changing the contrast, ambiance is ok but who has such a dirty mind to edit their bodies? I agree with the fairytale look alike edits, but I am strongly against of changing so much that you can barely recognize the place/product/person .
  3. Saying yes to everything: Check twice if the brand alligns with your beliefs and niche, because one size doesn’t fit them all.
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