I can’t state enough why content planning, mentioned as consistency and furthermore authenticity play key roles in becoming a successful influencer. I know that planning what you should post might give you a headache, but consistently showing up in your audience’s feed is the key to engaging them on the social platforms.

content planning tips and apps, why you should plan your content

No matter on which platform you decide to promote your content, you better plan it ahead for the sake of a good mental health, as this process can intensify and to meet the brands’ needs you are working with. There are 3 types of content: static, dynamic and interactive.

The first type of content involves social media profiles (not feeds), eBooks, whitepapers, emails, landing pages, PPC and social media ads, banner ads, one-way webinars. The dynamic ones include Blogs, RSS feeds, social media feeds, syndicated sites, A/B-tested landing pages and emails, smart website content (post-conversion content personalized for a lead). Some ideas for the dynamic content would be: 5 themes for dynamic: key events and dates (e.g International day of Pancakes/ Pizza), Influencers (shotouts, etc) launches and campaigns and key brand messages. Part of the interactive content are blog comments, social media sharing and liking buttons, social media follow buttons, social media updates and shares (likes, retweets, comments), customer reviews, online surveys and polls. Source: KunoCreative.com


  • Prepare a set of hashtags in ‘Notes‘ or even better in an Excel file and copy paste them whenever you want to upload a photo. Attention! You are allowed to post 30 hashtags in a post and 10 in a story. Read more here about the hashtags strategy.
  • No clue what you should post next? Check BuzzSumo , which is a tool that shows you which are the most popular topics in your niche. You might as well choose to share bits about yourself, but be aware that makes you vulnerable. For example: what movies/ TV shows you like, who inspires you, memories from childhood, your fears, polls etc.
  • Presets, which are a configuration of settings for your photos with just one click away. You can either make your own or buy a set of presets and follow the same color scheme, which I personally find it quite dull, but obviously that depends.
  • Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it, therefore whenever you have some ideas write them down- don’t let them slip and apply them asap, so that someone else won’t steal them.
  • 1 day shooting: Prepare a suitcase with versatile elements ( books, mirror, glasses, hats, flowers, etc), clothes in order to shoot different perspectives, in several backgrounds, colors so you can use your time efficiently and have plenty of material for later. Make sure you have both photos and videos.

Apps for Instagram Feed

As first impression matters, the first 8 photos shown in your feed will give an idea to your potential followers of what they can expect from you. A curated feed tells a lot about who you are, and an app will ease your work. Basically, they all have the same function, but it’s a matter of design, lack of errors and customer service.

Preview is an easy and powerful tool for businesses, influencers and creators to plan, schedule, edit their posts. There is also a premium version at a price of 12.50 $ per month for unlimited accounts and which offers unlimited filter packs and hashtags analytics.

Unum When I firstly heard about this app, I thought that it will enable you to change the order of photos previously posted. Hehe, that would have been a dream, right?



Do you use any of these or have considered others? Write me bellow what you are going to take away from this post and how you will implement it.

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  1. Sabi
    Sabi says:

    I had tried Unum before but it was lagging all the time, so I stopped using it. Trying Canva now – do you use it too?

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Thank you very much for this helpful overview. I use Preview as well an I really like the app. Looking forward to learn more about Influencing.


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