Which criterias must be met in order to consider an influencer marketing campaign successful?

Do you remember the traditional 4P’s which later transformed into 7P’s – Product, Place, Price, Positioning, Process, People and Packaging? Those are old news. Now think about the 4 E’s- Engagement, Exclusivity, Emotion and Experience. Besides a high ROI, which is quite challenging to asses, creativity places an important role. When the product or service is not sexy, then many advertisers/influencers tend to put on some bikini and pose, but I believe that you can do better than that, am I right? It’s indeed a tricky strategy, but that would attract more attention towards you rather to the product or service, so think twice! Telling a story with emotional appeal or offering some knowledge is recommended because INFORMATION IS POWER.

Below, I will list a few brands that managed to maximize their branding through Social Media by bringing several influencers on board.

The campaign ran even in Switzerland, being managed by https://ebpr.ch/, where influencers had to follow 6 steps each coming together with a PR package and later they invited their audience to join a quiz with different questions, which will prove or not their status as a ‘Cremaholic’ with the chance of winning a set of skincare. I was luckily part of this campaign and it made more familiar with the brand.
Launched in June 2018 and as part of a new approach to collaborating with influencers, FOREO invited its most musically-minded influencer friends to some of the world’s coolest festivals this summer on a mission to #DiscoverBrighterMusic, showing how FOREO products are the perfect travel-friendly festival companion. Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/discoverbrightermusic-foreo-steps-up-its-influencer-ana-marija/
Ideal of Sweden does an amazing job by focusing on great aesthetic, picking famous influencers with whom to launch new products, so that they achieved the second place on Social Bakers’ list of most-mentioned brands using the #ad hashtag. Every influencer/ Instagrammer who receives a PR product, has to share a code which offers 15% off.
Gym Shark launched on 8th of March a 66 Days Challenge to encourage Tik Tok users to set personal (ideally fitness related goals) for themselves and continually post their progress under the hashtag #gymshark66. The incentive: whoever wins gets a year’s supply of Gymshark goodies. The account gathered 1.8 M Followers thanks to this challenge.
Dyson is another great example which is offering their newly launched products to influencers such as: Air Wrap, Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner, Pure Humidify + Cool machine, etc.
Here is an #ad from a food blogger for La Redoute regarding the Easter brunch and kitchen decorations.
Surprisingly or not, Snapchat is not dead and brands seeking to launch their Snapchat account mostly follow the “Takeovers” strategy, which can be a great way to reach untapped and vast audiences. Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Nike, Gucci, Cosmopolitan are some of the brands who tried this method. However, the Snapchat app is much less popular among the others.

Pinterest is as well a marketers paradise, with 250 million active users and brands such as IKEA, GUESS, Levi’s understood that and collaborated with interior designer and model influencers. It is amazing how much diversity a marketing campaign can encompass and I believe this is just the beginning, having in mind the 4 E’s mentioned in this article.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Thank you for this overview. I enjoyed reading that blog. I think influencer marketing is so important these days and it will be even more important for marketing in the future. Which brand would you personally love to work with as an influencer?

    • Glamthug
      Glamthug says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. Regarding the question, I think it’s quite hard for me to choose out of a sea of brands. Travelling agencies might be very tempting. I would love to work more with fashion brands, but not necessarily the big whales, but fair-traded ones. Also, now that I am more and more passionate of interior design, I wouldn’t mind to collaborate on that side too. However,any brand that might be, I want to be in a strong connection with.


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