Buenos dias!I’ve slept only 3 hours but it doesn’t sit in my way to write a new post.I’ve been recently to Aarhus with my parents.Frankly speaking, I am awestruck by one thing: people from here are very different.Why?They’re extremely rich, but what I admire is that they’re very modest.It’s akward that you can still keep it simple, even if their average net salary is  2390 €.

For example, in my country it is a vital problem if you don’t have the latest trends in what technlogy, clothes and so on concern.Otherwise, without fastidiousness you can’t become popular.Yeah, I know it may sound stupid to you, but this is a true fact, which I actually hate it.From the last photos you can see  what kind of people live here and how they dress like.

Extremely proud of this shoot because I was on the other side of the road and my camera isn’t a professional one.

Big up for the haircut.

All what I can say it’s ‘aww’

 Why on earth do I have to see smth like this?Crazy about them!

 Studs,studs and again studs

 At the harbour

 And me at the wood museum wearing a polka dot blazer.It wasn’t so hot, I had also a ski jacket, but I looked unfashionable with it.

True that!

Expensive gummy boots.

Nice store, but too much for my student wallet

 You,handsome look at me!

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  1. Ozana
    Ozana says:

    Sti cumva ce marca sunt acei sneakers cu tepi? Tocmai ti- am descoperit blogul si l- am citit cap coada, cat mai multi followeri iti urez!


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