After having a tumultuous week with the final project, I decided to have time on my own. We already had a nice reunion  in the downtwon student bar with few of my classmates and friends on Friday, but I needed a treat for the next day. So, a friend of mine met my desire and wrote me surprising message on Facebook:

Hey girls! I hope your doing fine after tomorrow, soooo today let’s make a chill day :p Let’s meet at my place around 6, make a dinner, have some wine, watch a movie, smoke some water pipe, paint our nails or whatever… So I was thinking maybe we could split something with the food, so I am gonna make some delicious hot vegetable dish, Martina said she is gonna bring a big salad, Cerasela can bring the wine.Raluca, can you take care of the meat or some fish? I have Lithuanian candies for dessert if you want.Moreover, feel free to suggest the movie , I will download it before.


 I couldn’t refuse her, because I started already to search for girlish activity. It was a must to bring my camera, makeup and wine. I was late, as usual, but the host was doing a great job by preparing a special dinner together with 4 girls. The healthy and tasty smell brought me to my friend’s house, same as in the Tchibo or Nescafe old commercials. When I saw my girls booming with energy, especially Martina, I knew that a good night was just about to come.

20140517-DSC_0939  20140517-DSC_1003 

The meal was indescribably delicious, even though the bread wasn’t allowed in our menu. Gintare, who is a future chef blogger and actual makeup artist has cooked chicken with rosted brussel sprouts and green beans . Yeah, it didn’t sound at all as being my favorite meal, but it was indeed. It was ‘juicy’, spicy and tasty, therefore I couldn’t help myself, because I wanted more and more.

20140517-DSC_0914  20140517-DSC_0911  20140517-DSC_0925

After we helped to clean around, I realized that I need some makeup on and as Gin is a a professional artist, I asked her to spoil me. I was looking very pretty wearing my favorite makeup colors and the other girls decided to do the same step. Another desire was to have curls and Martina took care of that.

Later on, we debated on many attractive subjects and the most ‘questionable’ question was: ‘What makes you happy?‘ . It was really nice to hear all their dreams, to wide my thoughts and to think how can we get there. I appreciated a lot that we were refusing on using our phones, meanwhile we were together.20140517-DSC_0958
20140517-DSC_0941  20140517-DSC_0971

DSC_0054 20140517-DSC_1003




20140517-DSC_0023  20140517-DSC_0024

As you can see, we were all looking flawless, so if this Marketing Management won’t help that much with reaching our goals, we are prepared to open a beauty salon.

The night was a blast and I could have never imagined that we would be able to organize all together something memorable. But maybe that’s due to my special girls.I am very thankful to the host who said some simple words, which touched my heart: ‘You’re one of the girls’ . This dinner connected us more, even though we have AIESEC and school as common activities. We agreed to make it as a tradition and each month to have another host, who will make an enjoyable atmosphere as Gintare did.


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