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 CIS_9150 small frame

I’m looking forward to the memories of right now!

Dark wine mixed with another glass of wine or just take a look at my leather alike vest and my beloved camera. Nothing on purpose, as usual but I believe that my Nikon is more likely to be a jewelry, which has emotional and practical value. The suspenders broke the ice, as usual,  even though I was the one breaking them a bit. I’ve been looking to buy more similar pairs, but I was out of luck. The necklace was a gift from my good polish friend, who doesn’t stop to spoil me and take care of me. Also, it is quite obvious that the background fitted perfectly my mood and outfit. We went to Aarhus, specially for this and a sustainability festival. Yet, this is the right recipe of a great photo shoot.

Special thanks to Calin Strajescu and check his page for many other masterpieces

CIS_9162-2 small frame CIS_9166-2 small frame CIS_9171 small frame CIS_9173 small frame 2
CIS_9180-001 small frame CIS_9190-2 frame


Behind the scenes:





To be continued...because I was changing my outfit!

What I wore: H&M sporty dress & tights

Villa Fake Leather vest

Glitter Silver Necklace

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