I am not done with travelling. In fact, I will never be as long as there are unexplored places. When my parents and I decided to go to Belgium, my boyfriend asked: ‘ Aren’t you sick of old buildings and getting lost?’ You probably know my answer already. Besides Bruxelles, Antwerp and Bruges are 2 must visit cities with impressive histories and beautiful places.

I can tell you more about Antwerp or the photos will talk by themselves: renaissance & modern buildings, vibrant nightlife,crazy bike riders, cosy cafes and gorgeous clothes shops.

Where to stay: Scheldezicht Hotel is situated in the heart of Antwerp,1 minute from Read more

zulu the color run, color run aarhus, the color run danmark, events in aarhus

zulu the color run, color run aarhus, the color run danmark, events in aarhus

They say Sundays are for laying in bed, watching a movie and eating junk food. I disagree, especially that this Sunday the 22nd of May will be Zulu The Color Run Aarhus. The event has been present since 2012. It became so popular that the event conquered  more than 40 countries with millions of runners in over 200 cities each year ever since. It’s purely a fun run where you will be covered in color from head to toe.

Why to train alone in the gym when you can run 5 km out surrounded by friends, sun and music in the background? Your body will thank you later for this outdoor activity and moreover you will have a blast. Let’s celebrate joy, healthiness and originality by joining Zulu The Color Run Aarhus. What are you waiting for?
Purchase your ticket from here .

What should you expect? Well, dance music blaring, DJ’s who are pumping up the crowd, cool people, prizes thrown out to the best cheerers and nevertheless many colors. Additionally, you will have crazy photos, free Lipton juice and Wish Smoothies.  Forgot to mention one of the best parts of the Color Run: the after party as everyone is painted and keeps on dancing just like here:

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Do you remember the last time I’ve joined this event? If not, check it out:  Color Run Aarhus 2015

Be Healthy. Be Happy.Be you

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It was love at first sight: Brussels and I. You will surely feel the same as me once you get there, so that’s why I will enumerate 10 reasons to love Brussels.

  1. Architecture. It was hard to decide what should be the on 1st place, but I guess this aspect amazed me the most since the Town Hall  was completed in 1420 . The architecture in Brussels varies from the clashing combination of Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV styles on the Grand Place to the postmodern buildings of the EU Institutions. The must-sees are: Mont des Arts, Musical Instruments MuseumGrand Place, The AtomiumPlace Poelaert near Palace of JusticeArcades du Cinquantenaire,which was built between 1904 and 1905 by the architect Charles Girault. The triple arcade commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Belgian independence).


2. Gaufres. Notable specialities include gaufres/waffles, therefore we ordered 2 different ones, Brussels and Liege with some delicious toppings over.
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3. Chocolate. Shame on me! I didn’t try it but I know it well from the ice creams with Belgian chocolate. Did you know that Belgium and Switzerland are the most important producers of chocolate in Europe?

4. Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. Every spring, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public for 3
weeks. Mom and I were very keen to see the gorgeous flowers and architecture  of Alphonse Balat, but the 4 hours queue told us to come back other time. Read more