We did it! It takes a dose of spontaneity, strong friendship and some money to organize such a city break. When I think about it, I realize it’s more than that: trying to plan days ahead but not succeeding because you turn out gossiping.

My second time in Berlin was far from the first one when I was with dad and his friends. I got to know a different slant of Berlin: very colorful, apparently unsafe and very diverse.

I had hard time packing, that’s why when I got there I realized I didn’t like any of my clothes but luckily my girls borrowed me some. I mean.. that’s what friends are for, right? Not really I’d say..they are there for you when:

-you sleep in an Airbnb flat and they make you paranoid that you might wake up next morning left with nothing

-you get exhausted, frustrated of not being able to find a place to eat

-you start crying because your hair get stuck in the hair dryer and you can’t save much

-you take 3 hours to get ready and get lost in an industrial neighborhood with Mercedes and other kind of dealers around because you wanted to party  ( NOT ANYMORE) in the most famous techno club, Berghain

-you want some silence and you find no better way to tell than being direct, but the other person gets hurt and cries

–  you all travel few stops without a ticket  even if you were asked before leaving the house about it ( NOT ME )

– you convince them to go shopping, you all fill the shopping cart but then you give up because you are too tired to try on everything, but they end up emptying their wallets and next day they need to wait for you and find new jeans.

– you WEAR UNFASHIONABLE PINK SOCKS ( YES, that’s me) and they think you might not be able to go through security because of them.

-you are willing to wait for the one who needs 2 hours to get ready (NOT ME)

-there are 4 hours left to sleep but you have 3 in the morning talks about a corny joke for the 3rd time that day

BUT of course we had a blast while discovering more than enough of Berlin as you can see in the photos.



Where to EAT: