aalborg carnival,events in denmark,aalborg,costumes in denmark

Denmark is known for its crazy party people and that’s why there are many festivals during the year. Aalborg Carnival is one of them or better said, THE ONE.Actually, this carnival is the second largest carnival in Scandinavia and it meets no barriers. It hosts over 100,000 people annually and more than 30,000 are wearing funny or extravagant costumes. This carnival takes place the last week of May and there’s usually a theme each year, where people are dressed accordingly and have a lot of fun. Creativity, happiness and madness are a must there.

Approximately 300 VIA students, including me went there by buying a ticket for DKK 100 from DSR. The buses left at 7 am from uni and we went back to Horsens at midnight. It was my first experience there and it’s impossible to have regrets, despite of the huge amount of dirt (scroll down to be shocked) . After a couple of hours, the city transformed into a jungle, but the authorities solved quickly this problem. We continued our crazy day on Jomfru Ane Gade, which is a crowded street perfect for enjoying the danish nightlife.

You will find almost all the photos on Facebook www.facebook.com/glamthug in the album ‘Aalborg Carnival’ and for more videos check my Instagram account http://instagram.com/glamthug .

 aalborg carnival,events in denmark,aalborg,costumes in denmark
aalborg carnival,events in denmark,aalborg,costumes in denmark

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