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Inspiration hit me, so I thought that this would be the right time to show some signs that I am still alive. In fact, I am more than alive because I am preparing a collaboration with Vero Moda, which came like a big achievement for today, so my celebration is by writing a post on the blog.

I don’t have much to talk about my outfit, excepting the thing that I am not sure about this flower-ish Mango skirt, which is too short for me..and for my age. I started to be more into large-short or over knee skirts, because it doesn’t always mean that a tight skirt makes you sexier. The less, the better!

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Coming back to Romania after a stressful exam period was more than a delight.  I spent the second winter holiday following my desires: trying to discover new places with the ones I enjoy spending time with. Oh yeah… if that makes you think that I was oversleeping each morning, you are totally wrong. In fact, I wanted to take advantage of each day by helping mom in different activities or my boyfriend in searching for a flat. However, beside casual evenings in my hometown, we managed to make a quick getaway to Piatra Neamt and later to Poiana Brasov. Read more

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Who said that dots and plaids are a forbidden mixture?-No one, especially that winter 2014 is advising us to mix with no fear. I am trying to do my homework and search for another inspiration of this kind, beside mine. Guess what? It looks daring and playful. The most frequent combination is to layer a sweater over a shirt. Take a look on the next photos or just google it. Curious about from where do I have these eclectic-electric boots? Click ‘More’to find out.

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Meanwhile you may be mesmerized by the fact that winter is coming, as I can see the Facebook photos from Romania, I will reveal my holiday in Malta, where sun is still working hard to satisfy the tourists.

As soon as I landed there,  the heat hit me together with the amalgam of feelings of meeting my boyfriend. The flight was enjoyable, especially because I had window seats, a tasty breakfast offered by the airline company and plenty of time to spend in the duty-free shops.  Having heard that Frankfurt airport is huge, I became scared of the thought that I might miss the flight. Obviously, I didn’t let that to occur.

When I walked out the arrival door,  my eyes were desperately searching for him in the crowd, but he was buying a coffee for me, instead of flowers. My boyfriend arrived 2 hours earlier than me, so he got everything set up, in what reaching the final destination concerned.  We took  the crappy X2 bus, without AC and luckily, I was inspired enough to stuff the sweater and scarf into my luggage, because those 30 degrees were making me feel like an Arabic woman. Not only did we visit half of Malta by bus for over 45 minutes, but we also had difficulties in finding the hotel. We had 2 hotel names on the booking, so we firstly checked-in at Blue Sea St George, which was the wrong one as there were 4 beds and almost no sea view. We were headed to the right one, La Valette, where the conditions were slightly better, but kinda the same sea view and additional pool view, which wasn’t necessary at all. The room was big enough and the other details matched people’s reviews: ‘ You get what you pay for’.

Blue sea st george,malta,saint julian, san gilian, malta in october

Blue sea st george,malta,saint julian, san gilian, malta in october

Blue sea st george,malta,saint julian, san gilian, malta in october

Blue sea st george,malta,saint julian, san gilian, malta in october,glamthug

Blue sea st george,malta,saint julian, san gilian, malta in october,glamthug

Don’t leave me. There are 6 more days with ups and downs in Malta.See ya!

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Thinking about BEP’s song she answered : ‘Ok, meet me halfway.’

For days and nights, they tried to find the dream destination, but none seemed to match their view.

 It was difficult to decide whether they should go to  a big noisy city or a chilly sunny one.The questions were : ‘ To visit?’ or ‘To relax?’. What can we choose?

‘What do you think about Venice, Rome or Paris? Yeah, Italy or Spain could be a great idea. The food is incredibly delicious, but…’ Read more


You may think of the 4 th of July as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence, but allow me to add something more special such as my birthday. Moreover,  I became legal anywhere in the world, so I celebrated the day in a really nice manner: a barbecue at the pool with my parents and few clubs later on, where they also joined me. Wearing that swimsuit wasn’t just an occurrence Read more

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visit montenegro, sveti nikolaj,sveti nicolay,what to do in budva,what to visit in montenegro,summer in montenegro,glamthug blog,hawaii beach

Not far from Budva, with a boat ride for only 5 euros ticket, you can get tanned in Hawaii. Hawaii or Sveti Nikolaj is an island very close to Budva, where are many addicted people of mesmerizing landscapes. As far as it concerns me, I had a really nice experience on that boat, because I met two beautiful and talented Russian girls.The beach is full of unpleasant stones, but everything is going to be alright, as long as you have special shoes.You should also have in your beach bag some food and magazines, because boredom therefore can arise. Expect to stay there from morning until late afternoon! All in all, Montenegro can give you another  Read more

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Stari Grad or for a better understanding, the old town in Budva is situated on a little island that was linked to the land by a sandbar and in time turned into a peninsula. It is surrounded by a medieval fortification system with city gates, defence walls and towers. The Old Town consists of narrow streets and alleys and squares with precious monuments of different Mediterranean cultures that have an influence on this town.During the night, especially on weekends, the old town is growing young again due to the bustle of the whole city. Live or lounge music, karaoke or people dancing salsa are some of the examples that keep alive the old town.  You have diversity and you can do whatever you want, as long as you have money and good mood.  You can’t miss eating seafood, which has an incredible taste and acceptable price or some of their speciality ( e.g. mixed seafood with white sauce). Nevertheless, people are charming by wearing elegant clothes and suitable perfumes. I didn’t know what to expect from this old town, so I was wearing something casual.

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One month ago, I have been asked by my parents whether to go with them or not to Montenegro. My answer was a precise refusal, but I finally accepted, as my friends were clueless about summer 2014. In fact, my parents’ offer seemed to be more generous, when I saw that amazing rented flat from at Podmaine Suites. Of course that we couldn’t miss some adventures on the way such as additional km, dead GPRS, hunger, anger, tiredness and the list can go on. After surviving a 28 hours road trip with endless curves and breathtaking landscapes, I fell immediately asleep in my huge bed. The flat is much more than what we actually need, because it has 2 bedrooms, one big living room, 3 balconies, 1  bathroom, 1 kitchen and a pool, as the cherry on the cake.

We were so lazy and exhausted that we slept until the late morning, so the beach day has been sacrificed a bit. Spending 5 hours on the beach, exhausted us so we went back to have dinner and prepare to explore the nightlife.

Check out daily my blog or my Instagram, because I want to enrich you with valuable info about this pleasant place and its surroundings. I am already in love with Stari Grad, which is the Old Town from Budva.




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The 1st day of Northside Festival was like a dream that came true, because I had the amazing occasion to see Lana del Rey, but of course there were many levels to pass until I got there. I could have easily paid 250 euros for a ticket and enjoy the whole festival without any worry, but I did it in a cheaper and funnier way by applying as a volunteer. In fact, it’s not about the money, but it’s more about the experience that you get and how much you expand your network. Nevertheless, my good friend, Anca is a master in volunteering, so I followed her advice. If you want to enjoy 3 days of the festival, you will have to work 16 hours. So far so good. When I received the acceptance email, I was both exhilarated and afraid of the next steps, as my team was called Read more



I am finally done with my AP degree, so let’s get back on track. I had a really nice collaboration with few days ago and all these thanks go to Catherine Nguyen, who asked for my help. When I’ve heard that is going to be a model job in Randers, I couldn’t refuse her so I searched for 2 more girls willing to pose.  That has been our main activity for 2 hours and the purpose of it was raising awareness of the shop. Nevertheless, the occasion came in handy as all the shops were opened by night. Also, a nice lady gave us some instructions of what we should do.I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, while I was working especially as a model. We had to call attention to people who were walking by, so that we were waving to them, dancing or other crazy moves. It was really catchy method of attracting potential customers and it worked out really well.

Time flew away as people were very friendly to us and of course as the shop was full of customers. Later, Mads Kanstrup Poulsen, who is the retail director of Smarteyes Read more

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Denmark is known for its crazy party people and that’s why there are many festivals during the year. Aalborg Carnival is one of them or better said, THE ONE.Actually, this carnival is the second largest carnival in Scandinavia and it meets no barriers. It hosts over 100,000 people annually and more than 30,000 are wearing funny or extravagant costumes. This carnival takes place the last week of May and there’s usually a theme each year, where people are dressed accordingly and have a lot of fun. Creativity, happiness and madness are a must there.

Approximately 300 VIA students, including me went there by buying a ticket for DKK 100 from DSR. The buses left at 7 am from uni and we went back to Horsens at midnight. It was my first experience there and it’s impossible to have regrets, despite of the huge amount of dirt Read more