Thinking about BEP’s song she answered : ‘Ok, meet me halfway.’

For days and nights, they tried to find the dream destination, but none seemed to match their view.

 It was difficult to decide whether they should go to  a big noisy city or a chilly sunny one.The questions were : ‘ To visit?’ or ‘To relax?’. What can we choose?

‘What do you think about Venice, Rome or Paris? Yeah, Italy or Spain could be a great idea. The food is incredibly delicious, but…’

‘Ok, let’s stick to the Palma de Mallorca plan.’

I was about to buy the flight tickets, without any other hesitation. Then I checked the forecast, which didn’t appeal to me at all: ‘rainy and stormy October’.

‘Ok quit plan A. What’s the plan B?’

‘Barcelona,London or Prague? -cheap clothes , nightlife and tourist attractions. Yes, but we were craving for some sun rays.’ Ok, but where?’


‘Malta- we will feel like in a never-ending holiday, even though it’s only for 7 days.’

Finally,  after having a hard time on deciding the holiday destination my boyfriend and I are going to Malta in only 4 DAYS…We bought the tickets 3 weeks ago, because it was hard to find a common ground or appropriate hours of arriving, departure, etc. I kinda spend a fortune on my ticket, but it’s most probably for the best. Then, there was no turning back. We had to find a nice resort and the word of mouth convinced us:  Blue Sea St. George’s Park & La Valette Resort. I made the booking on , because they weren’t charging any taxes, as does sometimes. I hope everything will go well. I am referring to my ‘talent’ of missing flights, because I have stop-overs of 2 hours each in Frankfurt.

I am already dreaming of how I will jump into his arms at the airport, so let me dream until my dream come true.

I will get back to you with news and photos!

Blue sea St. George’s Park La Valette Resort


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