Coming back to Romania after a stressful exam period was more than a delight.  I spent the second winter holiday following my desires: trying to discover new places with the ones I enjoy spending time with. Oh yeah… if that makes you think that I was oversleeping each morning, you are totally wrong. In fact, I wanted to take advantage of each day by helping mom in different activities or my boyfriend in searching for a flat. However, beside casual evenings in my hometown, we managed to make a quick getaway to Piatra Neamt and later to Poiana Brasov.

1st all black outfit: Vero Moda Faux Fur Coat, River Island Pants, Villa Top, Zara Blazer, Bianco Pumps



2nd outfit: H&M blouse & belt , Zara skirt, Bianco boots


After having enough of the dull atmosphere from Bacau,  we decided to use Sunday as an exploration day. So, the first escape was more like a daycation, because we left around noon and came back in the evening. We went up to the mountains with the aerial tram and then, we killed our hunger at Restaurant Noir with sophisticated and deliciously prepared food such as Chicken Normande or Apricot Chicken and finger licking desserts.



Screenshot 2015-02-09 12.50.22Screenshot 2015-02-09 12.50.27

Next post will be about Poiana Brasov and my evolution in winter sports 🙂


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