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Zara coat,hombre hair,bianco boots,daily look

Who said that dots and plaids are a forbidden mixture?-No one, especially that winter 2014 is advising us to mix with no fear. I am trying to do my homework and search for another inspiration of this kind, beside mine. Guess what? It looks daring and playful. The most frequent combination is to layer a sweater over a shirt. Take a look on the next photos or just google it. Curious about from where do I have these eclectic-electric boots? Click ‘More’to find out.


Zara coat,hombre hair,bianco boots,daily look, zara jeans,glamthug    DSC_0561
Zara coat,hombre hair,bianco boots,daily look, zara jeans,glamthug

I didn’t dress in respect of a trend code, but because I wanted to choose wisely the introduction to you of my new color block boots from Bianco. It was a huge decision when I bought them, because my friend was trying to convince me that the boots aren’t good looking at all. I was a rebel and I purchased them and now she’s madly in love with them.

Sacrificing is a must when you want to look good and therefore, I cycled with heels on for the first time and most probably the last time.

What I wore: Stradivarius blouse

Zara jeans & jacket


Bianco shoes ( )

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