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Stari Grad or for a better understanding, the old town in Budva is situated on a little island that was linked to the land by a sandbar and in time turned into a peninsula. It is surrounded by a medieval fortification system with city gates, defence walls and towers. The Old Town consists of narrow streets and alleys and squares with precious monuments of different Mediterranean cultures that have an influence on this town.During the night, especially on weekends, the old town is growing young again due to the bustle of the whole city. Live or lounge music, karaoke or people dancing salsa are some of the examples that keep alive the old town.  You have diversity and you can do whatever you want, as long as you have money and good mood.  You can’t miss eating seafood, which has an incredible taste and acceptable price or some of their speciality ( e.g. mixed seafood with white sauce). Nevertheless, people are charming by wearing elegant clothes and suitable perfumes. I didn’t know what to expect from this old town, so I was wearing something casual.




Moreover, Budva is known for the nightlife, where the young adults are experimenting each club, pub or bar and that’s why is considered to be alike Mamaia-Romania.  Few of the clubs are : Trocadero, Ambiente, Raffaelo, Top Hill and many others which are close to each other, on the promenade on Mediteranska. You don’t have to pay for entrance, but as soon as you get in you have to buy drinks. The music is commercial and if you’re a bit unlucky, you can dance only on their music.

That’s it for now, but I will take it step by step in revealing all what Montenegro’s beautiful secrets. I want to share with you all the amazing experiences that I had, so that I will convince you to choose tcountry for your next holiday destination.

What I wore:

Only Denim shorts

H& M blouse

H&M Bra

H&M Necklace

Zara Sandals



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