I’m not sure I am a gourmand or not, but I want to give a special treat to my stomach from time to time.  When I mention ‘special treat’ I am also referring to something healthy. It’s Sunday and I  have plenty of time ( NOT ) to try out my cooking skills. I haven’t cooked for awhile, because I live with my dad now and he’s the kitchen boss. Today, I had to do something and eat just how I please, so  I started by searching on internet different recipes.

The most attractive one  seemed to be  Pork loin with apples ( Find here the recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/roast-pork-loin-with-apples-recipe.html ), because I had all the ingredients. Then, I thought that I should push myself more and cook something that requires a bit of effort : Apple Stuffed Pork Loin ( http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/apple-stuffed-pork-loin-roast-recipe.html ) and adding some potatoes, cheese and broccoli.As an advice, you should boil the potatoes before and you will fasten all this process. All of them are now ‘sitting’ in a tray oven for 90 minutes and waiting to be swallowed up.

First Step


Does it look appealing? Nah, not really, but just scroll down…

Last Step

DSC_0887 1888754_10153878701710173_1631180199_n


Pork loin

Chopped apples


Soya Sauce

Extra-virgin oil

White wine

Condiments: rosemary,pepper,salt,basil,thyme

Before that, my meal took part into a photoshoot for Instagram, Facebook and this blog, obviously.

I will add later one more photo with the final result. Now what are you waiting for? Yes, I cooked for you ( my dad has also a big contribution to that), but that doesn’t mean I will come with a plate and serve you.

Get your ass in the kitchen NOW!


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    • Glamthug
      Glamthug says:

      Haha. Luckily or unluckily that occured, because he loves me too much and he couldn’t stay away from me. Nah, he didn’t have a job in my homecountry and now he is trying his luck here, in Denmark.

      • May
        May says:

        Funny thing is that this is what will probably happen to me as well:)). That’s how things work out when you are an only child and mostly daddy’s girl


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