I’ve been talking about fashion most of the time. I don’t want to tarnish my image in front of you,guys. I still have the pleasure to discover new things in the kitchen. For example, on Sunday I followed a recipe for baked apples with cinnamon, honey and nuts. I am fed up with being lazy and laying in bed all day long. Maybe starting with this week I will have many opportunities to fill my free time like danish lessons, learning  hard and exercises to keep me fit.


apples- how many you would like to eat


2 teaspoons cinnamon

brown sugar, but you can use also the normal one

nuts, honey, aluminum foil

How : You preheat the even, and during this time you cut the apples in two and coring them. Then, you add inside every apple all the ingredients ( butter, nuts, cinnamon, sugar) and after that you bake them for 40 minutes.

Ps:It tastes delicious with honey on. So, stop eating chocolate all the time and try this recipe!


Before eating the dessert, I prepared potatoes salad. You need to boil the potatoes, to cut onions, make or buy mayonnaise, boil some eggs and add olives. You put all of them in a bowl and eat the salad until you’re full. It’s really easy to prepare this, so… dear starving students you should definitely go for it! This recipe is a piece of cake, for real ! Take me easy with critics, because this is just for fun & being helpful for you. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen , listening to music and making a mess around me.

That’s it. Stay tunned because I have many things to hash out. I had a trying day with many challenges, which will be discussed later.


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  1. Andrei
    Andrei says:

    Next time try to make a hollow in the apple and fill it ( use the upper part as a “lid”) . It will look much more better.


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