The time has come for almost the end of the semester.Time goes so fast and the best we can do is to PAAAARTY, before all the exams.The theme chosen is ARMY and I think it’s suitable for  today’s trends.On one hand, I found it provocative and I told myself that there is no way to miss it.I was already thinking about the outfit, what should I buy and what can I use from my wardrobe.On the other hand, I was concerned about the exams, which are in the middle of December but I was hard-working during this week and I deserve a short break.The party takes place in the canteen because there are expected to participate approximately 500 students.

Sincerely,I may be a little bit tired of army and studs style.TOO MUCH and TOO MANY PEOPLE wear them out.I’m not saying that it’s out of fashion, but it becomes unspecial.Everyone wants to feel and to look bad, so they think that studs comes in their help, but things aren’t working like this.Anyway, I’m eager to see what’s going to happen tonight.I still have to think about what I’m going to wear or maybe I will also paint my face.

Messy bed, I know and it’s because of being in a ceaseless fitting

I’m not into black colour but this is perfect.

If I want to party and to have fun I definitely need some energy.I prepared a delicious lunch for today:Roasted Cauliflower with cheese (http://www.redonline.co.uk/food/recipes/quick-roasted-cauliflower-cheese).

I have finally received the Yellow Card and now I can go wherever I want and maybe find something to work.For instance, some clubs  don’t let you inside if you don’t have a Yellow Card.That’s it for today.I hope that I will upload the tonight’s outfit during this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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