Hello !  I played bowling for the first time and I was a disaster.  I broke two nails ,because I wasn’t holding the ball properly, but I got 3 bowling strikes. We were ten people, so we divided into two teams.  It’s nice to play bowling, but it didn’t impress me so much.  At least, I could entertain my friends with my left-handedness. After, we were so hungry that we decided to eat a pizza and go to the harbour. I felt very comfortable like that and I could have showed my tanned skin. The velvet shorts were very big 2 years ago and now they couldn’t be more fit.  The t-shirt is from ONLY.

DSC_0948 copy

and it was according to the occassion. I am so into sporty clothes, because I can easily mix and match with many accessories  like I’ve done with this one from Primark.

DSC_0872 copy

DSC_0874 copy

DSC_0889 copy

DSC_0898 copy

DSC_0910 copy

DSC_0913 copy

DSC_0914 copy

DSC_0915 copy

DSC_0922 copy

DSC_0937 copy


DSC_0943 copy

DSC_0946 copy

DSC_0995 copy

ge copy




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