It’s strange to wake up in the morning and then to walk on the street and ask someone: ‘How can I arrive to prison?’ or ‘How can I go to jail?’.Maybe you’re asking yourself why I was searching that.Well, all from IMS gathered at the prison for a unknown reason on Friday.I have to mention that the prison is abandoned.Then, the lecturer told us that we need to think about a business, which would be suitable for that place(The former State Prison Faengslet).From 8:am to 15:pm we were caught in prison between four walls  and working hard to find good ideas.At the beginning  of the course we have met  the chairman.It’ was unbelievable that he caught attention from 80 students and I was really astonished by his speech.He explained us that the prison isn’t just a negative, shitty thing.It’s a place full of stories based on true facts, which attracts many investors, citizens.There you can realize the value of freedom and appreciate more what you already have.

Now let’s get back to our work.After that we found out what’s the difference between innovation and creativity we had to look at the prison from other perspective:a commercial institution, which also shapes the city’s history.For instance, we had to give some sugestions about an event, product or service in order to earn money.We were 11 teams each one with 10 members.At the end of our project we had to present it in front of the director, all our classmates and lecturers.After many crazy ideas, my team chose to ‘invest’ in a ‘FAME ACADEMY’.

To put it in a nutshell we lost the case, but I was satisfied with our work and I enjoyed to stay there and colaborate with new people.The below photos are taken by a friend.

Prison atmosphere .

I was smiling instead of focusing on the target, but I wasn’t sleeping at least like the guy near me.

Me and my team presenting and trying to get to the point because the presentation was just for 2 minutes.

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