Every time I go home, I want to collect cheerful moments, as many as possible. That’s why a photo session is the perfect occasion to enjoy the time spent with my friends.Actually, this hanging out reminded me of http://www.glamthug.com/2013/07/20/in-the-army/ , because we were more or less the same team and sun was strongly burning as in summer days.As you can see, my best friend and I had matched the outfits, but through simple telepathy.

A team of 4 people were ready to take over a nice place and later Facebook. Initially, we planned to go to a natural reservation.The risk of danger was quite bigger, taking into consideration that we were shooting on the rail road. At the beginning,my legs were incredibly shaking , but then I got used to the fact that I could take awesome photos or die.  So, I had to choose between all or nothing and concentrate to the photographer(s). My best friend motivated me to do so, because she was feeling like a ballerina,up there, therefore I had to overcome my fears.

IMG_0375 IMG_0378



Later on, my friends and I had a nice drink at Vitraj Premium Lounge, which is the place where I spent most of my holiday time. As it got darker and darker, the city didn’t have any interesting activities for us, so we ‘broke the law’ and took more photos on an unopened bridge.

I must cancel my activity here,for a while, but I promise that I’ll be back with fresh fashion forces.I have to write my final project, which supposes one hundred thousand characters and instead, I am writing more than it’s needed. The time pressure is eating me up, so I hope I can successfully finish it.

What I wore: H&M – Denim Jacket, Mint Top, Necklace

Pieces Oversized Minty Clutch

Unknown Asymmetric  Pleated Grey Skirt

Unknown Yellow Summer boots





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