I hadn’t bought many souvenirs from UK, but of course I couldn’t resist to not buy postcards(I didn’t send them yet) and magnets.I gathered many magnets on my fridge from Romania from all over the places and now I want to do the same.Anyway, I am very proud that I bought from HMV 3 amazing posters: 2 with that ‘Keep calm and carry on’ model and one with Big Ben & London Bus.Later, I found out that ‘Keep calm and carry on’ was a propaganda during the beginning of the Second World War and that icon is a ‘Tudor’ crown.So, even if seems to be a bullshit( which looks extremely hot) it’s also very british.As my dad just came  from Romania, I took advantage and I’ve begged him to help me.

Also, I was in Aarhus on Sunday because I wanted to buy something from IKEA: a clothes-stand.I’m glad that I found one at a good price(40 euros) and roomy.I’ve been dreaming to have one since I was little, but the only problem was that I didn’t have enough space in my room.After my trip to London,I certainly needed a new wardrobe, or, at least, this clothes-stand.More than that, my dad is a hero because he made for me a special place where I can hang my accessories and it’s very handy.He wants very much to feel like home, and not lacking anything.

Here is the result!

The right place for such an amazing poster because it inspires me.I love the mirror but I have to mention that it costs me deer.

Stuffs bought from London

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