As I woke up, I refused to believe that Monday can give me a hard time.Therefore, I decided  to make the best of things. I was in my element, ready to achieve new goals and to rise and shine. I felt lucky because I’ve started classes at 10:15, which is reasonable for the beginning of the week. It was all clear to me: nothing can mess up my day! Not even coffee spilled over me. After Business Law classes, where I got really involved, I had a gripping discussion about going abroad. Yeah, I’m talking about being an Erasmus student. What can I say? I was all ears and absolutely hypnotized by the presentation. I’m not afraid of unknown, I’m actually excited for it. I will set out my reasons for applying as an erasmus student.

1. Challenge!!! For me it’s already a challenge to study in Denmark, but if I can ‘expand’ it, why not?! I am already an international student, but I want MORE.

2.Cultural experience. It’s awesome to get to know the lifestyle of other countries.

3. WHY NOT? Don’t be coward! You have many options . Only once in your life you have this chance. What are you waiting for? For example, I would like to study in Sweden, USA, France, or Germany ( my mom’s desire). I want a country with warm weather, but the most important thing is the economy.

4. Your future boss will definitely appreciate the fact that you have abroad experience. Just imagine how your CV is going to look like, beside your colleagues.

5.Double diploma-special cases. You can choose to study a different programme than the one you’re currently following.

6. You can apply for a scolarship. The received money depends on the chosen country.

7. Last, but not least FUUUUN, friends and great photos.

The above things turn me on. I hope I have to guts to leave everything behind and face this challenge. It’s hard because I should move and change my living place. Moreover, it’s difficult because you get to know many people so well and after 5 months you may never see them again in your life. Anyway, my mom told me to not give up, to enjoy every moment and pursue my dreams.






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