Oh, it’s February the month of love. You get easily distracted by red color and hearts.  Bullshits. Do you want to know what I think about it? OK, you can call me ‘ hater’.  You don’t have to agree with me, but somehow I believe in my thoughts.What’s the meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day was an opportunity for pure lovers, but now it has lost its magic. Why? The usage of the word ‘ love’ is almost meaningless to some of us. Moreover, people perceive this day more like a commercial hype.  When you love someone,  you love him/her everyday and with the same ‘quantity’ of love.  If you want to be romantic with your partner more than never, you can choose any day of those 365 days of the year. I find it more lovely, to be suddenly  surprised  than to wait for V-day and expect something. It’s like you force yourself to do something that binds you, not because your heart tells you to do so. You buy presents such as : chocolate hearts, roses, pillow hearts, jewellery or whatsoever. You don’t need these things in order to say or to hear those magic words like ‘ I love you’ .

People don’t want to spend the day alone and find themselves under a lot of social pressure to find themselves a date for Valentine’s Day. That is why the 14 th of February is a another reason to party. There are two types of parties. The first category involves those who are madly in love and those who are willing to find ‘their best match’. It goes without saying that their perfect place should look like a fairytale. On the other side, we find those who are ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’. They organize a party, where they will probably get drunk and then get laid with an unknown person. Most single people would probably avoid going out on this day because it may be very hard for one to even get a space, where couples aren’t around you.

I’m not in any position to judge, so I will let the romantic air to absorb me.

Dear lovers ( of fashion and … love ) , enjoy your V-day with your special one or do something nice for your own.



vvv ahha






It’s Monday and I think I shouldn’t say that again . It’s difficult to let things to get back to normal. Now, I can feel that school starts. I am prepared to fight  in this prison and to pay attention more than never. Laziness still lingers, but I need to activate myself.

However, the purpose of this post is to share with you my outfit from Saturday. As you can observe in the next  photos, this outfit it’s really simple. Actually, what really matters is to wear it with confidence. I’m wearing a simple black cotton top and a pair of grey jeans. Adding accessories helped me to personalize or to bring a chic-rock style to this look. My friend helped me to prepare my hair because she’s patient and she wanted to put her idea into practice. It’s a bun, which was bought from H&M and then she braided  some locks of hair. It goes without saying that the right makeup for this look is smokey eyes.



Before getting my hair done




DSC_3954 copy


 I can’t explain in so few words what an amazing day of Saturday I’ve just had.The night before was a little rough because I managed to fall asleep at 5 am . Then, the sunlight hit my window and  I had to get off the bed at 10 am . This outfit makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. Maybe the way my  hair looks like is guilty for this. I am wearing a dark brown leather skirt, which I bought it from H&M. It isn’t easy to mix this skirt, but I did my best. The mustard silk blouse is definitely one of my favourite and it completes this vintage look. Why do I say ‘vintage‘ ? The pattern of the blouse and the accessories ( except for the necklace) brings me in 50’s . I was dressed specially for this photo shooting. Where would I like to wear this outfit? I think it inspires a little bit of drama and maybe I would like to go to the theatre. Of course, that are many different ocasions , where I could spend a really nice time. I would like to thank my flatmate, who helped me a lot with this photo shooting . It was a little bit embarassing because everyone was starring at me.

Thanks for your attention! Now, enjoy the photos and don’t hesitate to share the link.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Trying to fix my skirt.

DSC_3629 copy

DSC_3466 copy

And I smell your cologne in the air

DSC_3758 copy

DSC_3768 copy

DSC_3539 copy

DSC_3471 copy

Here we are again, fashion lovers!

People always tell me that orange, yellow and all these citrus colors fit me the best. As you can see, I choose to emphasize my beautiful, chic skirt. I didn’t know with what to match my boots, so I mixed them with an animal-printed blouse. That’s all. I don’t want to bother you again. I’m letting the pictures talk for themselves!

PS: If you enjoy spending time on my blog, don’t hesitate to share it. Thanks!








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I’m back to my normal schedule, which implies waking up early at 6:30 am. Even if I was in a rush, I managed to get pretty for school. Unfortunately or luckily, the presence isn’t obligatory, but I wanted to see what is about with the workshop.I quit right then and there because my classmates did the same thing. As I was passing by the mall, I decided to look around the shops.

Bad decisions makes…good shopping! My mom won’t be very proud of me, but some clothes don’t deserve to stay on the shop’s shelf.  I’ve just sworn that it is my last shopping session. I’m afraid that I can’t keep my word because I received a Fidelity Card, which is obviously very Read more

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Marilyn Monroe

This quote is a little bit off-topic, but it describes the way I feel perfectly.Anyway, let’s talk about my look. Unfortunately, I can’t describe in one word the style, but I know that it gave me freedom to dance and confidence to feel special.

I’ve started to love brown. Almost in every outfit I have something on brown.I suppose that my flatmate is guilty of this, because it is one of her fav. color. So, I’m wearing one of my beloved trousers, which are way too slim and a light blue top which sweeten the entire outfit .I want to save my trousers, but I will have to stay  fit and this is why I promised myself to do some workout everyday. It’s extremely easy to give up, but this time I hope that I trust myself that I will be more perseverant and I can’t wait for the results to show up.More than that, I have a new toy, which gives me the strenght to insist on doing this.






I woke up with an unpleasant headache because of yesterday night.Then, someone knocked at the door and I opened to receive my Wi-fi gateway. I spent almost 3 hours trying to make the connection, but it has been proved that I’m just a girl who can’t go all lenghts.I hope that I can solve this problem, because it pisses me off.

I’ve waited so bad for this weekend and I thought that I am going to take advantage of every  second, hour, day because it’s the last one before starting the second semester. Things aren’t working so well, so I will lay in bed until I wake up to reality. I am washed up because I was out for a walk and an unexpected shopping session and not to mention that I slept only 3 hours.




focus on accessories




I’m having a quiet day, as normally Sundays should be and I’ve just seen ‘The words’. As tears were pouring down my face because of this great movie, I got inspired to write a new post, which I hope you will enjoy it.

As you can see, I was wearing a touch of grey outfit, which apparently seems boring and lifeless. Grey matches with anything and you can brighten your outfit with some colourful accessories, like I did. I bought the necklace from H&M and it’s one of my fav. Also, I found the sweater on sale when I was in Bucharest, which  it’s really cosy and warm enough.

Kisses and have a lovely week!





It looks like I’m hovering



I am in Bucharest for a few days because I was asked if I can join in a fashion show.I’m staying at my best friend at the moment.We are spending a really nice time together because we cook, hang out and take photos as you can see. Unfortunately, snow have come again in Bucharest and I hate it.I am going back to Bacau on Monday and then I will pack for returning to Denmark.



IMG_1744 copy



jg swd

It is said that art requires sacrifice, so  the cold weather is a struggle for me, which I have to face it. I had a lovely day because I spent some quality time with an old friend from childhood. First of all, we agreed to meet for a photo shoot because I need to find out what is my camera capable of.Initially, I was supposed to act like a photographer, not a model but I couldn’t resist. Then, we drunk a cup of  hot chocolate and we awaken old memories.This is the result of an awesome & relaxing day. Maybe I tarnished the photo quality,  adding effects  in Photoshop and you are free to judge me.






I’m done or you are!



I have a terrible headache, so I decided to stay home on this Friday night.Unfortunately, I have to finish a part from my exam project and this will keep my mind busy.The saddest thing is that I have to hand it in until 2 of January.Let’s skip that.I hung out with my friends in club last weekend.We had fun until 5 am and then I went home to sleep, in order to wake up at 8 o’clock to go to Borsa with Read more

23days left and I’m home.I keep counting each day, but time seems to pass at a different speed, especially when you’re waiting impatientlly for something to happen.I need so bad my family, friends and obviously the Christmas atmosphere.If you had asked me what  do I think about winter time a year ago I would have answered : boring & cold.Certainly, being away from home made me to change my way of  thinking.Before taking advantage of all this holly-jolly atmosphere and presents, I have to focus on exams.I can’t wait to get rid of all this  tension and then to get some rest for almost 2 months.

Basically, I had finished with what I wanted to share with you.Maybe, I have one more thing:I’m woozy because it happened an unpleasent event lastweek.I felt down and I kinda have a problem with my it, something from my knee and I hope I won’t have to limp when I’m back home.I really need a soon recovery.

I may be daft or wrong but I’m thinking about another hair color or highlighting.What do you think?I really love my natural hair but maybe I need a change.Anyway this shouldn’t be my last worry so I have to go back to concentrate on studying.