I believe that traveling widens your horizons and I am attracted to each new place, culture or experience as you can see from my posts. The life isn’t long enough to see all the world.

I really need to increase the traffic on my blog. Therefore, I will give up on the idea of having a nap, in favour of writing a new post. This time, melancholy caught me up. I miss like hell the awesome days spent in London. I miss the traffic jam, those men suited up, who were rushing to be early on meetings and the confused tourists, who seemed to be lost in the London paradise. It goes without saying that there is a huge diversity in what style concernes, mainly because of the cultural differences. Somehow, I tend to contradict myself. I’m not sure if this is the main reason because when you’re moving into another country you will adapt to their rules, lifestyle, etc. For example, Denmark encouraged  me to have guts and to try new mixes of clothes, to layer, to mix styles, colors, materials,etc.  Anyway, it’s about all or nothing. You can either be extremely fashionable wearing a pretty dress with  high heels, which will kill you later or you can keep it simple & comfortably. It depends a lot on what you’re looking for, what’s your main purpose.













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Fav fashionable couple in St James Park




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For this golden Sunday, I prepared for you to go around to Copenhagen . Don’t worry! You don’t need money or comfortable shoes to walk for miles.This doesn’t include any travel taxes, but you’re free to have a look at this gallery. You can share it if you don’t want to travel alone and you would like to be with your friends. As you can see, I had a great time there and the weather was perfect. I am glad that I don’t need to edit the photos because the contrast is good as it gets. Copenhagen totally caught my eye and if I will decide to live in Denmark, I am sure that there I want to spend the rest of my life.From arhitecture to people’s lifestyle, this city shines through my mind. I want to go there more often,  because it was a pleasure to visit and to meet my friends.



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I’m in love with narrow streets, where you can get lost and take awesome photos. I’m suppose that a street like that, has an amazing history with many memories. It’s noisy, crowded and there are many people, who are rushing to be on time at work either you can find confused tourists, who are trying to find their way back, as I usually am. At the beginning of the day, we had decided to go to Waterloopleinmarkt, Museumplein, where you can find the Amsterdam letters and Rijksmuseum and Vondel Park . Of course, that we couldn’t face the cold weather , so we snugged  in an Italian restaurant. Then, the group had to divide, but I took on the off chance with my friend a tram to an unknown destination. We just wanted to warm our hands. Read more

The cheapest way to get to know Amsterdam is buying a 24 h ticket for 7,50 euros or visit it on foot because it’s not such a big deal. Anyway, with that ticket you can use all the  available means of transport, but the most common is the tram. We went out on Wednesday night for a pub crawl, which was a blast.Before going to Social Pub Chicago, we wanted to go in a place, where bands are playing  live music. We founded out that we have to pay there, so we easily quit that idea. We stopped at Social Pub Chicago, due to the cold weather. At the beginning, the atmosphere was annoyingly relaxing and I was a bit disappointed. ‘I had prepared for a crazy night’ my mind kept telling me. After 2 hours,  a good damn Dj had come and the madness started. It was a crowd pleaser, because the music was perfect for my taste: Rnb, Hip-Hop, Rap and not to mention about the cool people. On Thursday, we went at Coco’s, where it was a theme party: beach.I tried for  the second time to make a video. I’ve done my best and I’m quite excited about it.

Hope you like it!


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by https://www.facebook.com/lina.strz?fref=ts



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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXpTezgjcUw&w=420&h=315]

I set apart Wednesday for shopping. Before going there, I had met two girls, who told me that Primark is a few kilometres away from Amsterdam. When all was said  and done,  I found a antiquarian and I advised my friend to buy an english book because I will be reading on the way back home. We went inside in order to discover more of that universe and we found a meek and gentle old man, who was pleased to help us. I bought also a book, but more because he was very nice. Then, I asked him about something specific in Amsterdam, which could amaze me. He told me to visit Rijksmuseum, Jordaan and Waterlooplein. He gave us a very useful map, which unfortunately we didn ‘t use it because we had been too stubborn and we followed our plans of going to shopping in Zaandam. Zaandam is a city very close to Amsterdam and the return ticket costed us 5,30 Euro, which was available for 24 hours.







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I can’t even imagine something more exciting than travelling.Oh, or maybe extreme sports can replace it, but still you have more enthusiasm from travelling. I can’t describe the feeling when you find new place, get to know other culture, get lost or die trying and meet new people. I can’t describe it because it’s too complex and  I’m in a hurry. I have just finished to unpack, but now I must prepare other clothes and fill another suitcase. I’m leaving to Copenhagen tomorrow for a photo shoot. I am going to meet some friends and visit the surroundings. Amsterdam was AWESOMEEEE, but I can’t cheat on London,Paris and Prague.

I have so many great stories, but so less time and so much to do. That’s it.I’m done with the photos from the first day. I want to watch Pretty little liars, take a shower and sleep.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNw8Rski1ww&w=560&h=315]

I’m off to Amsterdam this week and I couldn’t be more excited than this.Yeah, but  the main reason for going there is to analyze the dutch market, in what jewellery concernes. Me and my group prepared a survey about Pandora , in order to see how the land lies and if it’s a force to be reckoned with.

I’m losing my patience and comprehension because of the awful weather. I don’t want to carry many sweaters or boots in my suitcase,  but it seems that I need  warm clothes. I want to travel light this time. We are going there by bus and the road will take 10 hours. I will keep you posted with my adventures from this trip. So, wait impatiently for my posts because I have prepared many surprises for you.

Have a nice week!




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It has been a long time since I stopped writing on my blog. I’ve been very busy lately because I had exams and then I had to prepare my luggage for going back in Romania.Of course that I had some traps on the way, but I met awesome people: one Chinese girl, who lives in my town and we want to keep in touch, one african man whose mom lives in Romania and one girl from Paris.I wanted to be sure that I will be on time at the airport so, I arrived there with 4 hours before the flight.It was a real adventure the stopover at Prague, but I easily made it.During the flight I met two men, who had seen the snow for the first time in their life.

I can’t describe the feeling of being home.I missed my small room ( because it’s a huge difference between mine and the one from Denmark), angry people looking angry and jealous at you.I paid a visit to some friends in Bucharest and then I went home by train. I’m cheesed off with carrying all my stuffs but I guess that life is a ceaseless rush.

Now I’m relaxing in Borsa-Maramures with my parents and friends.I have never been away from Bacau during Christmas time but it’s really nice to visit new places.My mom wasn’t very keen to cook traditional food so this is a good opportunity to get free from this ‘hard work’.My Santa already came with a new camera (Nikon D3200 with 2 lenses:15-55 and 55-200).It’s a good opportunity to take photos with stunning landscapes.

I want now to have a nap and then I have to prepare for Christmas dinner.I wish you a merry Christmas and I hope that Santa is coming with many presents for you.

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

On waking, feeling relaxed I thought about studying.Then, Margie tempted me by saying:’Go and enjoy the sunshine in London,not here.It looks good this morning’.By 1 pm the weather had changed for the worst: cold, extremely cold, windy and English rain.Not everything went the way I planned because I forgot to touch in my Oyster card and when I realised, the train had gone.So I had to wait in the cold weather for more 30 minutes.I went to Waterloo East because I wanted to go to London Eye, but then I met an amazing group of free runners. I was talking on the phone to my friend, asking for advice while a group of teenagers teased me.I had to hang up because they were recording a video with me.I felt extremely dizzy because they were gathering around me and nobody came to rescue me.

I also thought that this would be a fortunate opportunity to see London life differently. Then I asked them if I can join them.After walking along for 5 minutes, I discovered that there was a boy from Romania.It’s odd to me that when I meet Romanian abroad I find myself  speaking to them in english.After that I had the bright idea to ask him from which city he came from and coincidently it’s the same as me.I was astonished by Read more

We travelled on the DLR to Greenwich.Walked through the old town and came to the dock to see the Cutty Sark, which is a Tea Clipper boat of mid 1800 centuries .The fastest boat from China to England.We declined the boat trip because of the extreme foggy weather.We took the DLR again to Bank, which is in the City of London.I was aware of the business life of the working in London.I watched the elegance of the office workers, carrying a coffee, checking their smartphones or reading newspaper.Everyone appeared well-dressed, busy and in a rush.That hustle made us drowsy so we stopped to have a drink.We were in a desperate need of coffee and right on the corner it was Costa.It was a very enjoyable atmosphere and my cappuccino tasted more than perfect.The coffee was the right thing for that moment because it refulled our energy.

The next attraction was St.Paul Cathedral, where is the seat of the bishop of London.Prince Charles,Prince of Wales got married to Lady Diana Frances Spencer there.

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The damp weather and the late clock alarm forced me to take a break from London.I went to visit Eltham Palace, which is a royal residence from 14th to the 16th century.The palace is well-known for the Art-Deco design style and it was given as a gift.Many movies have been filmed there, due to its amazing big rooms.The palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden.Anyway, if you want to see Eltham Palace, you will have to buy a ticket, which is £10.20.

After that, I paid a visit to Margie’s relatives and then to Bromley South. My friend went back home, but I continued the adventure by stopping by to feed my appetite for shopping.

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