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Valletta- capital of Malta

  Valletta is one of the best preserved fortified cities and the smallest capital in the EU. It is situated between 2 deep harbours and Valletta's buildings date from 16th century. Unfortunately, the air raids from the Second World War…
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Maltese beaches

Opting for Malta is due either to its beaches and bays either the tangled history.  It was too sunny not to sunbathe and plenty of sandy, stony beaches were waiting for us. I was already getting tired of St Julian's beach so we had finally…
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1st Malta

Meanwhile you may be mesmerized by the fact that winter is coming, as I can see the Facebook photos from Romania, I will reveal my holiday in Malta, where sun is still working hard to satisfy the tourists. As soon as I landed there,  the…

Where to break the autumn?

Thinking about BEP's song she answered : 'Ok, meet me halfway.' For days and nights, they tried to find the dream destination, but none seemed to match their view.  It was difficult to decide whether they should go to  a big noisy city…
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Pre 21's

You may think of the 4 th of July as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence, but allow me to add something more special such as my birthday. Moreover,  I became legal anywhere in the world, so I celebrated the day in a really…
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1 Day Cruise

We planned a one day cruise on the 2nd day of July, as the sky was bright and the sun was prepared to burn my skin. The ticket costed only 17 euros, because we got a small discount of 8 euros, which didn't bother us at all, considering that…
what to do in croatia


Another advantage of spending the holiday in Budva is that you can make a city break in Dubrovnik, Croatia. As the weather was a bit cloudy, my parents and I decided to visit Dubrovnik. I strongly believe that the best memories are made…
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One month ago, I have been asked by my parents whether to go with them or not to Montenegro. My answer was a precise refusal, but I finally accepted, as my friends were clueless about summer 2014. In fact, my parents' offer seemed to be more…
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Sagrada Familia

What can you do when there are only 4 hours left to say goodbye to Barcelona? The secret is simple: Continue exploring, no matter how exhausted you are , even after walking over 20 km every day and partying hard until 6 am in the last night.…
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Park Guell

It was 4 o'clock and the guys called to tell us to be home in maximum 2 hours, because the landlord will come to check the flat and to get paid.  We were still trying to puzzle out the mystery of finding Park Guell. At least, English wasn't…
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Heading to Park Guell

I am writing from Romania about the next episode in Spain, but I will jump straight to the forth day, because it was my good hair day and obviously more adventurous than the previous one. You know that feeling when your hair is perfectly fluffy…

Segundo dia

So let me tell you about the second day or better said, segundo dia, amigos! 1st stop: Mercat de la Boqueria (Rambla, 91, 08002 Barcelona, Spain). We were starving, so we went to search a place for having a Spanish breakfast in La Boqueria,…