I told you I was planing an escapade with my friend. Hmm, it sounds a bit like a cliché to call it ‘escapade’, but why not, taking into consideration the ups and downs we had been through:

1.lassitude, 2.cold, 3.anger, 4.hunger, 5.satisfaction, 6.pleasure, 7.panic, 8. relax.

1.Lassitude: Let’s take it one by one.  After partying hard and coming home at 5 o’clock am because a friend’s birthday party, we were supposed to take the train from 10 in the morning, as far as I remember.  You cannot imagine what a nice jogging I made until I got to the train station. We were heading luckily to Aarhus. My bag was full of some makeup tools and food, because I didn’t have any time in the morning to prepare.

2.Cold: Welcome to Aarhus! Welcome to gloomy and windy weather.


3. Anger: Cold weather and anger made a good pact to piss us off. No good photos, no opened shops, no people on the street. How can we survive 5 more hours in this city?

4.Hunger: Where to eat? Read more

Irish music on the background, students wearing green and good humour. These words describe the best yesterday’s atmosphere in student bar.The party was a blast. I am not sure that I can call it ‘party’ , because unfortunately no one was dancing .

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on 17 th through food, drink and all things green.More about St.Patrick’s Day here:’s-Day I .I need to quieten down, because  there are only 2 days left until my trip to Amsterdam.

Have a wonderful weekend…even if cold weather is spreading again all over the world.

Green Dress-Pull and bear

Necklace-H & M