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Let me tell you more about how essential is combining 2 fashion centuries to me. Matching any kind of brand or non-brand is one of the most appreciating things from a blogger. Don’t you think so? WHY? It saves money and it has an ace up its sleeve.

You know there are lots of useless stuff in your wardrobe, but you just bought a fancy pair of stilettos, which by the way I should add them on my must to buy list. In my case, it’s about a very special over-sized clutch, which rapidly batted my eyes in a second-hand shop. I mixed it with another beloved silk blouse, whichmakes me think of a spring sky and my new jeggings from H&M. The jeggings are a bit trashy, but they go so well together with my sneakers, by creating an urban comfy look.Then, Read more

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Danish style definition 

=throwing on lots of layers of clothing, wearing an unzipped coat (rather be cold, than look uncool), a statement necklace brightening your outfit,  having a chic messy bun and last but not least, wearing something black.

 Copenhagen stands for Europe’s fourth largest fashion city. Mostly all the Danish designers emphasizes the art of clothing,  which suits to the unfriendly weather, but together with  citizens biking lifestyle, which is always coming with a fashionable flavour. No one can dictate to Danish people what should they wear. A sparkling necklace would fit perfect with some sneakers and a leather bag. I admire a lot this combination between sporty vibe and urban sophistication.

Purchasing vintage clothing is another must-have in Denmark, because it makes outfits look more unique and personal.

That being said, I am also going Danish, because it’s comfy, dashing and really cool. For example, when I have been to Italy, it was quite hard to find nice clothes, because I was more into the dark, simple ones, not colourful or shiny.

The photos were taken in autumn 2013, so you might find some differences between now and then.

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The idea of choosing what to wear was totally different. I wanted to be a pin-up girl in that night, but  bad luck because of  the lack of  time.  I wanted to curl my hair  and wear a chic dress, but most probably I will do it next time.  I had bought a curling iron when I was in Amsterdam and I didn’t have time to see how it works. So, I wing it and  instead of being a pin-up girl, I became a hipster girl, as my best friend claimed. Some of the students threw a party in campus, which was called ‘Chronological party’ and the dress code should have been inspired by 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.  I was wearing a lousy shirt from Primark , which was bought by mistake at an extra-size.  The story is really tricky, because it was written 38 on the hanger. Few days later, I had tried it on and I realised that it was 46, which is quite bigger.  I thought that I should get rid of it, but I knew how to handle the sad situation. I’m proud of my gaffe, because it looks so DAMN good as it is. I had a crush 2 months ago. Don’t panic! I had a crush on striped jeans before and luckily I found some on sales from Sisters Point . Unfortunately, the jeans are blue and white and this makes them a little bit harder to mix. This is the first time when I wear these jeans, the necklace ( H&M) and the shirt.Anyway,  the sneakers from New Look are already well-known and it’s useless to add something more about them. I just need to have guts and throw them in the washing machine, because they are screaming to be clean again.





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Sartorialist wanna be( but  my camera isn’t professional as I would like.I hope that Santa will be kind to me. I tried to act like a paparazzi and take some street shots.In the following photos I will present you different people(from 5 to 60 years old) and unsual styles.A remarkable thing is that men from Denmark have a great taste in style, more than women.For example,I observed that they are very careful about details: patterned socks which match perfect with shoes or belt,hat and suspenders and so on.The point is that everyone from here tries to be in trend(children,women,men).I’m pretty busy these days because I’m with my parents.I’m going with them to Aarhus(the second largest city in Denmark)tomorrow and I will skip classes.If the weather let us to visit the city I will be very grateful.

Have a nice week!

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A friend of mine who was very suprised to see this photo

Many cars like this one…

studiez in danemarca,pe bicicleta,cum e in danemarca,via university college,student at via,horsens,horsens life,student life, street fashion, sartorialist,danish style


Pentru viitorul apropiat v-am pregatit mici surprize:poze noi cu mine de la un photo shooting(deja probabil sunteti satuli de asta, dar acum e altceva)+ poze cu orasul si, mai mult de atat, cu outfiturile localnicilor.Incep sa o fac pe paparazzi-ul, dar ar fi fost mai de folos daca aveam camera foto performanta.Titlul postului l-am ales din cauza sau datorita melodiei lui Nicki Minaj si,mai ales tinutei de Joi pentru ‘Crazy Daisy’:un sacouas bej nou achizitionat dintr-un SH, care imi este foarte drag,un tricou Zara,pantaloni scurti de la Pull & bear de care nu ma pot desparti nici cum de ei si cizme bej de piele.Pe langa toate astea, bineinteles ca aveam pe mine si o geaca groasa + Read more

Hmm,un post nou pentru ca de ceva vreme sunt vrajita de renumitele cizme cu tinte(studded boots).Daca imi aduc bine aminte, a mai fost o vreme cand tintele si celalalte articole specifice perioadei rock si-au facut de cap pe catwalk, dar parca acum ne-a luat valul pe toti.Nu stiu cat de feminine sunt, dar dau un aer rebel si sexy(daca ai picioare lungi, care trebuie neaparat expuse).Deci, dupa mine,  o pereche de astfel de cizme face parte din must have-urile sezonului de toamna.

Nu a fost deloc dragoste la prima vedere pentru ca prima oara le-am vazut la Alina Ceusan si ma gandeam ca cine ar cumpara si purta asa ceva, dar acum visez la ele noapte si zi!

Look-ul de mai sus eu l-am creat, pentru ca ma regasesc in amalgamul ala de toale si sper sa fie pus in practica cat mai curand.


Am trait ca sa o vad si pe asta.

Watch your head
Great jeans jacket…